Flat Out International Gift Card

Flat Out International Gift Card

Gift selection is tricky at the best of times, but if you're worried about timing and choices, now you can have something on the day to give - and make it flexible.

Customers have expressed difficulty in chosing lengths and sizes on behalf of others, and so we have introduced these gift cards by popular request. This is a fabulous way of introducing your loved ones to something totally awesome while giving them freedom to choose items that suit them best.

If the value options below do not suit your thoughts, contact us for a custom amount.

$50.00 - $500.00

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When you purchase a gift card, you will immediately be emailed a code and a card to print with instructions for the future online order that utilises the credit purchased today. The printable card doesn't show name or personal details, so put in your name and email address when you order the card, that way you can choose the timing to present the gift to your friend/family. 

When your gift recipient places their order, they can of course contact us to get advice on which items might suit them best, and enter their delivery address.

The ability to enter the card's credit code is on the second checkout page where the recipient will enter their desired delivery address.