Marine Deck Wash and Drinking Water Hoses by Flat Out

2 minute video: The boys at Port Macquarie Marine Rescue had some fun making an ad for Flat Out Marine Hoses


Excellent for everything from fishing boat washdown to fresh water tank filling on your yacht at a marina, Flat Out's Australian made hoses are world class. With exceptional longevity and performance plus a unique storage design – the Flat Out Multi-Reel – you will turn your gotta-do jobs into wanna-dos!

The working pressure rating of Flat Out hoses is 2100 kPa and minimum burst pressure 5250 kPa. Since mains pressure maximum in Australia is 500 kPa, you can understand why we say these hoses are tough.

15m Flat Out Drink Water Hose on Multi-Reel Narrow

Nice and long yet incredibly tiny, the 15m Flat Out Drink Water Hose on our Multi-Reel Narrow, is Flat Out's superstar.

It’s sleek, it’s shiny, it’s sturdy, and it will bring joy to your otherwise tiresome task, long hose setup and packup. Now with no wasted space and easier winding than ever before due to our new Multi-Reel Narrow. more

  • Includes: 15m Flat Out Drink Water Hose with brass snap on fittings, dual size tap adaptor (3/4 and 1" BSP), Flat Out Multi-Reel Narrow
  • Product Weight: 2.6Kg (all components)
  • Dimensions: 37cm diameter Multi-Reel, 6.5cm deep
  • 19mm ID polyester jacket lay-flat hose with German PU liner
  • AS4020 Potable Water Certified
  • PN 14 Working pressure rating
  • Stack best with any other Flat Out Narrow or Original Multi-Reel product (SKU starting with M)

Flat Out 15m flexible drink water hoses are particularly handy for uses such as Caravan/RV but also on horse floats, marine deck wash, and commercial applications such as driveway restoration or exterior cleaning.

Original Multi-Reel

The highest capacity cable reel made by Flat Out.  The Original Multi-Reel will fit over 30m heavy duty extension lead and many other items, protecting your gear and keeping it tangle free. more

Capacity Suggestions

  • 30m Heavy duty extension lead
  • 15m conventional 12mm hose (must be flexible enough to wind),
  • 60m Network cable,
  • 30m Strip LED lights,
  • 15m air compressor hose,
  • 40m Coaxial cable,
  • 2x10m Tie down strap,
  • 20m snatch strap...
  • USA Customers: 50ft Zero G hose
  • Your own flat hose or strap, the maximum flattened width is 57mm, length to fit will depend on the thickness of the item. 

This large Multi-Reel will fit nearly all commercially available extension leads. Actually we haven't yet found one that doesn't (but don't want to make false promises). 


  • 37 cm diameter
  • 44 cm including handle
  • 8 cm deep
  • 0.9 kg when empty
  • approx. 30 m power cord capacity,
  • Best stacked in pairs with any other Flat Out Multi-Reel SKU starting in M. 

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B.E.S.T Inline Water Filter with Brass Fittings

This is the B.E.S.T. Water Filters brand model 322HB that we buy in for your convenience. Connect it to your flat out hose and then use a short hose (e.g. P11 or P13) to connect it to your van.  We love it, not only because it's Aussie Made but because it is simply better than alternatives. more

Containing SilverSafe technology it removes taste, odours, bacteria and parasites. It has no set replacement times, and if the water slows too much, simply reverse it and flush it out, it will start working the other way.  It's compact and produces great tasting water for far longer than other similar sized models. For more information feel free to visit the BEST Water Filters website.

Why Filter My Water? 

Whilst we at Flat Out personally choose to filter all water used in our vans (pressure or tank connected); if you are tank filling it is a very, very wise thing to do.

Over time any silt or dirt particles in the water will settle and create a sediment in the bottom of your tank - which is of course almost impossible to clean! But that isn't the main reason. Council water in Australia is treated for bacteria with chlorine, but if water sits for as little as a couple of days, the chlorine will evaporate. Now if bacteria or other nasties have a chance at entering your tank (and they will because tanks need vents to fill with air as the water leaves them) you risk getting sick.  As Colin from B.E.S.T says, "It only takes one bug to ruin a whole holiday!".

We love the BEST water filters because they have so much more silver than any competitor filter, meaning the filter never goes green on the inside, nor does your tank! Fine silver particles enter your tank with the water that flows through the filter, and do not disappear like chlorine does. Silver is known for its bacteria annihilating ability, and it is also healthy for you to consume in small doses. 


[SKU: P16]
Thread Converter: 3/4 inch NPT male thread to 12mm snap on brass with swivel

If your water inlet on Aussie and American RVs (and boats) looks like the one in the image, it will have a 3/4inch NPT/GHT thread which isn’t exactly the same as all other plumbing fittings in Australia.

This unit has the correct thread for your inlet and is coupled with a spiffy swivel snap on tap adaptor so you can have the ultimate smooth downward angled connection removing potential bump hazards as people walk past your van and relieving pressure on o-rings for the fittings. 

3/4inch NPT/GHT parallel male, right angle to 12mm (1/2inch) snap on quick connect male.

[SKU: P5]
Hose Coupler: snap-on brass 12mm
Hose Coupler: snap-on brass 12mm

Male to male snap-on brass coupler 12mm to connect drink water hoses. This is a standard fitting and will not only fit Flat Out hoses but all usual hose snap fittings in AU. You also can buy them from your local hardware store (and they might be a fraction cheaper), we simply stock them here for your convenience.

Used to join 2 x drink water hoses with snap fittings.

[SKU: P7]
Tank Filling Attachment Taste Free with Brass Fittings

25cm taste free solid hose with brass snap-on connector. This is a spout used to fill your tank when not connected via the pressure inlet. 

This is our premium grade tank filler with brass fittings for longevity (not really necessary for pressure rating with this application) and because it's so nice to match the rest of your set. 
Connect this product to your Flat Out Drink Water hose to allow easy insertion to your tank with our product P7, onto the other side of an inline filter, or any brand 12mm hose coupler.

[SKU: P17]
Plated brass Pressure stop ball-valve with fittings for B.E.S.T. Filter and tank filling

This added convenience item is excellent for tank filling with Flat Out hoses and BEST filter. 

Run the hose from the tap to your filter, replace the other filter end with this valve part and then connect a tank filling attachment. This allows you to build up pressure in your hose before filling (needed to lay it in a way to make it then flow) and then when you are finished filling you can easily switch off flow before going back to the tap.

The 3/4 BSP end fits directly into the BEST filter in the place of the existing fitting. Use a watermark approved thread sealant (such as this one), don't use thread tape or overtighten as it will void your BEST filter warranty. Save the existing fitting as a spare. The other end meets 12mm (1/2inch) snap fitting standards to fit onto any other hose snap fitting, such as our tank-filling attachment (P17) or one that you make for yourself. Here's a little video we made on how to use it.

[SKU: P20]
Tap Adaptor: ¾in & 1in to snap-on brass

Standard brass tap adaptor for ¾in & 1in BSP threaded garden taps to male snap-on

[SKU: P4]
Thread Converter for American water inlet: 3/4 inch NPT to 3/4 BSP brass male to male

3/4 inch male NPT thread to 3/4 inch male BSP brass converter.

Attach to caravans/motor homes with a USA style female water inlet (such as Sureflow inlet). On the BSP end you can attach P4 or P8 or any other 3/4 inch (20mm) part designed for Australian use. 

[SKU: P6]
Flat Out Fluro Velcro Stacking Strap

Purpose built to help you secure stacked Multi-Reels when in storage. This strap also makes single hand carrying for a pair of reels easy. more

Flat Out Multi-Reels are designed to stack in pairs like clam shells - with each winding knob fitting neatly into any petal of the partner reel. This strap wound through the center of the stack and over the bottom secures them together while in transit. 

The same strap fits all Flat Out Multi-Reel sizes. The strap is 2.5cm wide, 65cm long loop and 10cm black hook section. The fluro orange also makes it easy to find!

It is useful for many applications beyond Flat Out gear too. 

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Flat Out hoses are a miniaturised fire hose, which means they are abrasion resistant and ultra flexible. Winding them onto the Multi-Reel when packing up, you also squeeze all the water out, so when you store your hose it will not leave a puddle. The flat hose is lighter and packs away smaller than conventional hoses of the same length. The 19 mm diameter of the hose means that once the water in it is under pressure, it will not kink as you move around to wash your vessel. The outer jacket is polyester with mould inhibitors and the liner is anti-microbial so there is no need to dry it to pack up.
Brass fittings with standard 12 mm (½") snap ends are crimped to your hose so you can use it with standard adaptors such as trigger nozzles and tap connectors from any brand. However, we also supply a dual-size brass tap adaptor with each unit.

marine hoses in action


The Australian standard for potable water is AS4020; please don't confuse this with AS2070 which simply means a hose inner has been made from a food-grade plastic. To receive AS4020 certification, the factory must be inspected, and the hoses are laboratory tested for anti-tainting qualities. Flat Out Drink Water hoses are AS4020 certified with the lining made from Polyurethane (PU) – the material used to make medical tubing. That's how safe they are! Our hoses also conform to German BGA DIN39 potability standard and the factory is ISO 9001 accredited.


If extra length is required, you can always join Flat Out hoses together using a standard hose joiner such as our accessory product P7. You can also store your extension leads on Flat Out Multi-Reels. You will enjoy tangle-free hoses or leads every time, and increased lifespan for your gear now being stored in an armour-plated container that reduces twists which could damage the gear. An Original Multi-Reel will take up to 30 m of heavy duty 15 A extension lead, and more for lighter leads. Then you can stack and strap your Multi-Reels for even better protection and space minimisation!

  • Australian Made with 3-year warranty
  • Front to front stacking for compact storage
  • Kink Free
  • Taste Free
  • Hose Rolls Completely Flat
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • No Need to Dry
  • Save Space
  • Save Time
hose in slat water not a big deal

Oops, my hose length fell in the drink! That's ok, just rinse it off so it doesn't get crusty in storage. Salt water will not harm your hose.

space saving boat hose

So much space now!

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