Flat Out Multi-Reel - Cable Reel for Trades and Construction

Protect your leads, keep your toolbox organised.
Save time, money and sanity! 

1.5 minute video: Tradie gets tired of lazy apprentice - Multi-Reel to the rescue!

Flat Out's Multi-Reels are perfect for lead and cable storage, protection and organisation in countless industries! They stack together for added space management, look great in the work ute or van, but most importantly they save you time, which saves you money!

Hand-rolling power leads to prevent twists requires skill that needs to be taught. The Multi-Reel is so intuitive to use, you can hand the job to anyone  with zero explanation (even the apprentice!) and be confident they will not damage your leads. Twists are the number one cause for extension lead failure and the way cables wind onto multi-reel, twists will not form. And when you next get the cord out, it is guaranted to be tangle free.

Original Multi-Reel

The highest capacity cable reel made by Flat Out.  The Original Multi-Reel will fit over 30m heavy duty extension lead and many other items, protecting your gear and keeping it tangle free. 

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Capacity Suggestions

  • 30m Heavy duty extension lead
  • 15m conventional 12mm hose (must be flexible enough to wind),
  • 60m Network cable,
  • 30m Strip LED lights,
  • 15m air compressor hose,
  • 40m Coaxial cabble,
  • 2x10m Tie down strap,
  • 20m snatch strap...
  • USA Customers: 50ft Zero G hose
  • Your own flat hose or strap, the maximum flattened width is 57mm, length to fit will depend on the thickness of the item. 

This large Multi-Reel will fit nearly all commercially available extension leads. Actually we haven't yet found one that doesn't (but don't want to make false promises). 


  • 37 cm diameter
  • 44 cm including handle
  • 8 cm deep
  • 0.9 kg when empty
  • approx. 30 m power cord capacity,
  • Best stacked in pairs with any other Flat Out Multi-Reel SKU starting in M. 

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Compact Multi-Reel

Flat Out’s most space saving multi-purpose cable reel ready for your electrical extension lead and many other items.

Capacity Suggestions (up to):

  • 15 m Heavy duty extension lead*
  • 25m Household extension lead
  • 20m 12V Anderson cable,
  • 10m Sprinkler hose
  • 15m Strip LED lighting,
  • 30m Starlink cable,
  • 2x5m Heavy duty tie-down straps...

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The Multi-Reel will save you time from tangles, is safer than conventional cable reels and the unique stacking design along with tough outer shell ensures your cables are the best protected when stored or in transit.

Commercial/Industry uses:

  • 8.5m air compressor hose/standard 12mm water hose
  • 20m window cleaning pole hose (commercial use)
  • 20m coaxial cable
  • 25m broadcast video cable
  • 30m cat 5/6 network cable (also see our outdoor cat6 cable)
  • 30m XLR cable (see muso/AV page),
  • and of course all the suggestions above


  • 30 cm diameter
  • 37 cm including handle
  • 6.5 cm deep
  • 0.6 kg when empty
  • Neatly stacks with any other Compact Multi-Reel Products (Code starting with C).

*Capacity depends on insulation thickness. For example, the maximum length of 15Amp extension lead is 22m (see product R22) but we recommend planning for no more than 15m of your own lead as the thickness varies from brand to brand.  If you are unsure you can use one of our larger units: Narrow Multi-Reel (1.5x capacity) or Original Multi-Reel (2x capacity).

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SAFETY Features

Coiled leads under current heat up, and pose fire risk. Flat Out Multi-Reels are far safer than conventional cable reels as they are designedin a way that the user is forced to remove the whole cable to be able to use it.

When stacked together your leads are armour plated in transit due to the solid backs of the reels, further protecting your gear against damage from other items while you drive around. Thus, Multi-Reel also reduces the dangers associated with working with damaged electrical cords. 

Flat Out Drink Water Hose: 15m on Multi-Reel Narrow

Nice and long yet incredibly tiny, the 15m Flat Out Drink Water Hose on our Multi-Reel Narrow, is Flat Out's superstar.

It’s sleek, it’s shiny, it’s sturdy, and it will bring joy to your otherwise tiresome task, long hose setup and packup. Now with no wasted space and easier winding than ever before due to our new Multi-Reel Narrow. ...read more

  • Includes: 15m Flat Out Drink Water Hose with brass snap on fittings, dual size tap adaptor (3/4 and 1" BSP), Flat Out Multi-Reel Narrow
  • Product Weight: 2.6Kg (all components)
  • Dimensions: 37cm diameter Multi-Reel, 6.5cm deep
  • 19mm ID polyester jacket lay-flat hose with German PU liner
  • AS4020 Potable Water Certified
  • PN 14 Working pressure rating
  • Stack best with any other Flat Out Narrow or Original Multi-Reel product (SKU starting with M)

Flat Out 15m flexible drink water hoses are particularly handy for uses such as Caravan/RV but also on horse floats, marine deckwash, and commercial applications such as driveway restoration or exterior cleaning.

Flat Out Drink Water Hose: 10m on Compact Multi-Reel

If you’re searching for the highest quality yet most compact RV drink water hose solution, this product is for you. Ten metres is ample at the majority of caravan parks in Australia for caravans under 7m (23ft). ...read more

  • Includes: 10m Drink water hose with brass snap on fittings, dual size brass tap adaptor (3/4 and 1" BSP), Compact Multi-Reel
  • Product Weight: 1.9Kg (all components)
  • Dimensions: 30cm diameter Compact Multi-Reel 6.5cm deep. Visit Multi-Reel page for further details on size.
  • 19mm ID polyester jacket lay-flat hose with German PU liner
  • AS4020 Potable Water Certified
  • PN 14 Working pressure rating
  • Stacks best with any other Compact Multi-Reel product (SKU starting in C)

For use with longer caravans, motorhomes, yachts or those wishing for more setup versatility we recommend our 15m Drink Water Hose (M2). Hoses can be joined so you can also achieve extra length by carrying 2 models with a hose joiner (even of different lengths) and only using the second unit when needed.

[SKU: C2E]
Flat Out Drink Water Hose: 7.5m on Compact Multi-Reel

The perfect length for tank filling, close range pressure connection or as an extension, you can now enjoy a mid-length drink water hose. ...read more

  • Includes: 7.5m drink water hose with brass snap on fittings, dual size 3/4 and 1" tap adaptor, Electric Blue Compact Multi-Reel
  • Product Weight: 1.8kg including Multi-Reel
  • Dimensions: 30cm diameter, 6.5cm deep
  • 19mm ID polyester jacket lay-flat hose with German PU liner
  • AS4020 Potable Water Certified
  • PN 14 Working pressure rating
  • Stacks beautifully with any other Compact Multi-Reel product (SKU starting in C)

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[SKU: C7E]
Flat Out Fluro Velcro Stacking Strap

Purpose built to help you secure stacked Multi-Reels when in storage. This strap also makes single hand carrying for a pair of reels easy. ...read more

Flat Out Multi-Reels are designed to stack in pairs like clam shells - with each winding knob fitting neatly into any petal of the partner reel. This strap wound through the center of the stack and over the bottom secures them together while in transit. 

The same strap fits all Flat Out Multi-Reel sizes. The strap is 2.5cm wide, 65cm long loop and 10cm black hook section. The fluro orange also makes it easy to find!

It is useful for many applications beyond Flat Out gear too. 

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  • Australian Made with 3-year warranty
  • Front to front stacking for compact storage
  • Constructed from heavy-duty impact-resistant plastics
  • Free standing or wall-mountable
  • Fast and easy to wind and release
  • Superior power lead storage and protection

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