Buying Flat Out Hoses and Multi-Reels Directly

There are several ways you can purchase gear from Flat Out Directly. 


Online Ordering

All online orders are dispatched from our warehouse in Sydney on the next business day (or soon after if the warehouse is super busy). Simply browse our products, add them to your cart and follow the prompts. 

The payments and security of this website are handled by Shopify, one of the world's largest online selling platforms with state of the art security and buyer protection protocols.  

Telephone/Email Orders

Feel free to phone us to make an order from there we can either email an invoice for direct deposit or you can pay by credit card over the phone.

Phone +612 4474 0662 or email us via the contact page. Delivery will be from our Sydney warehouse as it is for online ordering.  

Face to Face in Port Macquarie NSW

We operate HQ from Port Macquarie and carry stock for customers who wish to visit us directly. (Port Macquaire Breakwall Caravan Park makes a beautiful holiday spot too!)

You will need to ring ahead for a time as it is not a retail store with fixed opening hours. Also, sometimes all of us are away for shows or exhibitions.


Selected Caravan Shows and other Expos

You will find Zoe and Allan from Flat Out at a handful of RV shows. Check the Shows and Demos page for more detail. 

We are gradually adding expos for other industries. If you have any suggestions for where you would like to see us, please reach out and let us know. We love hearing from you.  


Supporting Retailers

We absolutely love your support and desire to further boost our business by accessing us directly. But please also know that when you buy from our re-sellers you are still supporting us in a huge way. For retailers to want to stock our product, they need to be selling it. So when you buy from them, you encourage them to keep our gear on their shelves. The more stockists there are, the easier it is for everyone to access our products.

So your support of a retailer is still ensuring to keep us in business to be here making more awesome products for many years to come. 

Find a retailer near you or if your closest RV accessory store doesn't stock our gear, suggest it to them and let us know so we can send them details about becoming a stockist.

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