Warranty Information

First of all, if you arrived at this page because you have discovered aΒ fault in one of our products, we are deeply apologetic for the inconvenience caused.

Secondly, we are one of those companies who love their customers, and we are eager to make sure you to feel that love by resolving your concern as quickly as possible.Β 

April 2024: A special note regarding drink water hoses
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How to make a claim

You can call us to discuss any issue you have (02) 4474 0662, there is no on-hold, a real human will either answer the phone, or return your voice message. 

That said will be asking the same information that is in the form. So, to save yourself time, it's a good idea prepare these answers before calling, or you can submit them, and we will call you (or email if you don't answer the phone). 

General Warranty Terms

In general, Flat Out made products are covered by a 3 year repair or replacement warranty against faults.
If you are unsure of whether your item is covered under warranty, it won't hurt to submit the details anyway. If the item is out of warranty, there are still other ways we can help out so do get in touch. 

Drink water hose batch number

If your query relates to a drink water hose 10 or 15m, this can be found along the length of the hose. The part we need is in the form [A-999].