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If you change your mind (or bought the wrong size) but have not used the product you can post it back to us within 3 months of purchase and the product price will be refunded. Please contact us first if you wish to return an item. If you bought the item from a retailer, please contact the retailer directly.ย 

Once used we cannot offer product refunds.ย 

Yes when you buy from our website you are purchasing directly from us.ย We do open for retail purchases from our office in Port Macquarie however appointments are required. To book, simply call or email us from the details on the contact page.ย 

As the manufatctuer, the prices you see on this website are fixed.ย Being Aussie made, we and our resellers only have a small margin to help cover overheads.ย  Sometimes stockists choose to use that margin for discounting, and you might find the same product of ours at a lower price elsewhere.ย 

The only retail discounts we offer are in the form of free small items when purchasing packages, and subsidised postage.

Don't worry though, if you choose to purchase a product of ours from a stockist with a special on, you are still supporting our brand.ย 

This is a tricky one to answer. Although we sell directly to some retailers, most of our purducts are sold by industry specific distributors who send our products to various independent stores across all of Australia. We are not informed of who or where these stockists are.

We suggest if you wish to buy from a retail outlet that you ring the caravan accessories stores near you and ask if they have the item you are after.

For the last 5 years we charged a very small flat rate shipping contribution no matter the size or location of your delivery (within Australia). Regrettably, due to recent changes in courier service offerings (and other rising fees), it is no longer viable for us to provide nationwide flat rate postage. We are still heavily subsidising freight, your contribution value will be calculated once your enter your location ($8 - $33).ย 

Orders are shipped from our Sydney warehouse the next business day after your order (or maximum two days in peak periods), you will receive an email when your order is dispatched. In terms of receiving times, this will depend on where you are however your dispatch email will contain tracking information.

When you place an order with us we ask for your delivery information, email address and phone number.

This is stored on file with your purchase history and can be used to identify your previous purchase if you contact us with queries. We do not pass this information on to any third parties.

Your financial information in the process of a sale is handled by a payment gateway with the highest available security. We do not have access to this information.

For phone orders, we type your card details into the payment device as you recite them, no card information is stored.

ย Warranty details can now be found on the warranty page.ย 

Product Related

As we are environmentally aware, we believe in repair over replace.ย 

Leaking through the hose wall

  • If the issue is near the end of the hose, you can cut off the leaking part of the hose and re-terminate the end. Here is aย how-to repairย video that shows you what to do without needing specialty parts. If you are not particulary handy on the tools, you could alternatively purchase an end repair kit.ย 
  • If your leak more central along the hose, consider a Join repair kit. Here is a video of how to use the Flat Out Repair Kits.

Leaking at fitting connection

  • Cut snap fitting off hose and use our repair kit.

Snap fitting not gripping to tap

  • As above

Snap fitting fallen apart


Yes, many spare parts are available on the pages related to the orinigal products. If you wish to access anything not available online, please contact us directly.

if you wish to wash mud off the outside of your drink water hose without damaging it or affecting the integrity of the drink-safe liner we recommend draining your hose and connecting it to itself with a hose joiner (sealing the inside) then you can wash it is warm soapy water in a bucket with a light brushing. Of course having mud on your hose will not affect performance, there is no need to wash it, this is just if you want to (and in our FAQ because people ask).ย 

Alternatively you canย leave your hose attached to the tap, and put a nozzle on the other end and use it to spray itself clean.

You can roll your hose up wet, the polyester jacket is antimicrobial.ย 

Please check you have followed all usage instructions on the sullage page. If you are still having issues, contact us.

On our Sullage page, there is a sub-category for accessories for 32mm sullage hoses. In there you will findย an adaptor designed for this purpose. Product code is: S20

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