The Flat Out Caravan Drink Water Hose

Especially designed for caravans, motorhomes and marine — this high end gear ticks all the boxes!

Flat Out owner Zoe explains features of and usage tips for the Flat Out Drink Wate hose.

Our potable (AS4020 rated), Australian made, lay-flat caravan, marine, and commercial hoses have abrasion resistant polyester woven jacket, polyurethane (PU) lining and brass snap-on fittings. With a 19mm diameter, our hose has high capacity and boasts a 1400 kPa pressure rating (PN14 - over 5x mains pressure). The highly durable construction of the hose  ensures a long product life and provides you with the premium connection to your drinking water supply.

Stored neatly on our Multi-Reel, these flexible hoses are exceptionally user friendly, and space saving. Connect your hose at one end, hold the Multi-Reel handle and walk away to unspool. Setup has never been this easy. As you re-wind, water remaining in your hose is forced out for drip-free, compact storage.

Blue Vs Grey - New German Hose Liner!

Flat Out Drink Water Hoses available on Electric Blue Multi-Reels as of April 20203. These newest hoses feature an upgrade to our already world class polyurethane (PU) lining material to be sourced from and pre-processed in Germany. As German quality control standards are among the highest worldwide, this material is even lighter, more flexible and tougher than its predecessor. 

"Did you know PU is such a safe and high performance material that it's used to make medical tubing?"

Flat Out Drink Water Hose: 10m on Compact Multi-Reel

If you’re searching for the highest quality yet most compact RV drink water hose solution, this product is for you. Ten metres is ample at the majority of caravan parks in Australia for caravans under 7m (23ft), 

  • Includes: 10m Drink water hose with brass snap on fittings, dual size brass tap adaptor (3/4 and 1" BSP), Compact Multi-Reel
  • Product Weight: 1.9Kg (all components).
  • Dimensions: 30cm diameter Compact Multi-Reel 6.5cm deep. Visit Multi-Reel page for further details on size.
  • Stacks with any other Compact Multi-Reel product (SKU starting in C)

For use with longer caravans, motorhomes, yachts or those wishing for more setup versatility we recommend our 15m Drink Water Hose (M2). Hoses can be joined so you can also achieve extra length by carrying 2 models with a hose joiner (even of different lengths) and only using the second unit when needed.

Flat Out Drink Water Hose: 15m on Multi-Reel Narrow

Super long, yet still so tiny, the 15m Flat Out Drink Water Hose on our Multi-Reel Narrow, is Flat Out's superstar. It’s sleek, it’s shiny, it’s sturdy, and it will bring joy to your otherwise tiresome task, long hose setup and pickup. 

With no wasted space and easier winding than ever before due to our new Multi-Reel Narrow, this unit will still stack with any other Flat Out product with SKU starting with M. 

  • Includes: 15m Flat Out Drink Water Hose with brass snap on fittings, dual size tap adaptor (3/4 and 1" BSP), Flat Out Multi-Reel Narrow
  • Weight: 2.6Kg (all components).
  • Dimensions: 37cm diameter reel, 6.5cm deep.

Flat Out 15m flexible drink water hoses are particularly handy for uses such as Caravan/RV but also on horse floats, marine deckwash and tank filling, and commercial applications such as driveway restoration or exterior cleaning. more

All Flat Out Drink Water Hoses are high pressure rated (working pressure rating = 5 times mains pressure in Australia), and AS4020 Taste Free certified and come with 12mm snap on brass fittings crimped into position. The outer jacket is UV stabilised and abrasion resistant, making it the premium hose for portability, usability and longevity.

Should you need to carry longer lengths of hoses, our brass fittings are standard size 12mm snap and so you can use a hose coupler (eg P7) to join it to another hose of ours or another brand.

$250.00 - $280.00

Please Select -
Flat Out Drink Water Hose: 15m as 2 x 7.5m on Compact Multi-Reel

New Option - October 2023!

Long hose, yet more versatile. We know you want long hose so you don't get caught out with not enough hose from your van to the supply tap - but you also want the convenience of a short hose when the tap is close. The best way we suggest handling this is to carry two hoses, and join them together when needed. 

  • Includes: 2 pack of 7.5m Flat Out Drink Water Hose with brass snap on fittings and tap adaptor on Compact Multi-Reel Electric Blue (German liner material). One hose joiner. One Flat Out velcro strap. 
  • Weight: 4kg (all components).
  • Dimensions: 30cm diameter reel, 13cm deep when stacked.

This is product value of $490 yet for a limited time we are selling this kit for the same price as a single 15m unit.

Flat Out Drink Water Hose: 7.5m on Compact Multi-Reel
NEW JUNE 2023!
The perfect length for tank filling, close range pressure connection or as an extension, you can now enjoy our latest release mid-length drink water hose. Made from our newest materials and manufacturing techniques, including a slightly thicker jacket, this hose is bound to be a crowd pleaser. (Well...customers have been asking, so we assume it will be popular!)
  • Includes: 7.5m drink water hose with brass snap on fittings, dual size 3/4 and 1" tap adaptor, Electric Blue Compact Multi-Reel
  • Weight: 1.8kg including Multi-Reel.
  • Dimensions: 30cm diameter. Visit Multi-Reel page for more detail.
  • Stacks beautifully with any other Compact Multi-Reel Product (SKU starting in C)
Flat Out Drink Water Hose: 5m Extension on Compact Multi-Reel

Customers gave feedback having searched high and low for an extension for when the tap is just that little bit too far away. Hence our introduction of the C5. It is also handy when the tap is really close, you don't need to get your long hose out at all. Stacking neatly into the rest of your Compact Mutli-Reel kit this premium hose gives that extra bit of positioning flexibility.

  • Includes: 5m drink water hose with brass snap on fittings, 12mm hose coupler, Compact Multi-Reel
  • Weight: 1.4kg including reel.
  • Dimensions: 30cm diameter reel. Visit Multi-Reel page for more detail.

April 2023 - Our new Electic Blue variaint with even higher grade liner is now available!

Flat Out Fluro Velcro Stacking Strap

Purpose built to help you secure stacked Multi-Reels when in storage. This strap also makes single hand carrying for a pair of reels easy. more

Flat Out Multi-Reels are designed to stack in pairs like clam shells - with each winding knob fitting neatly into any petal of the partner reel. This strap wound through the center of the stack and over the bottom secures them together while in transit. 

The same strap fits all Flat Out Multi-Reel sizes. Of course if you have another strap handy, you can easily secure your Multi-Reels together with that one, we simply make this product for you in the right length for convenience, and in a fluorescent colour so you can find it! 😎

The strap is 2.5cm wide, 65cm long orange loop and 10cm black hook section. It is useful for many applications beyond Flat Out gear too. 

$4.00 - $11.00

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B.E.S.T Inline Water Filter with Brass Fittings
B.E.S.T Inline Water Filter with Brass Fittings
SKU: P16

This is the B.E.S.T. Water Filters brand model 322HB that we buy in for your convenience. Connect it to your flat out hose and then use a short hose (eg P11 or P13) to connect it to your van.  We love it, not only because it's Aussie Made but because it is simply better than alternatives. more

Containing SilverSafe technology it removes taste, odours, bacteria and parasites. It has no set replacement times, and if the water slows too much, simply reverse it and flush it out, it will start working the other way.  It's compact and produces great tasting water for far longer than other similar sized models. For more information feel free to visit the BEST Water Filters website.

Why Filter My Water? 

Whilst we at Flat Out personally choose to filter all water used in our vans (pressure or tank connected); if you are tank filling it is a very, very wise thing to do.

Over time any silt or dirt particles in the water will settle and create a sediment in the bottom of your tank - which is of course almost impossible to clean! But that isn't the main reason. Council water in Australia is treated for bacteria with chlorine, but if water sits for as little as a couple of days, the chlorine will evaporate. Now if bacteria or other nasties have a chance at entering your tank (and they will because tanks need vents to fill with air as the water leaves them) you risk getting sick.  As Colin from B.E.S.T says, "It only takes one bug to ruin a whole holiday!".

We love the BEST water filters because they have so much more silver than any competitor filter, meaning the filter never goes green on the inside, nor does your tank! Fine silver particles enter your tank with the water that flows through the filter, and do not disappear like chlorine does. Silver is known for its bacteria annihilating ability, and it is also healthy for you to consume in small doses. 


Plated brass Pressure stop valve with fittings for B.E.S.T. Filter and tank filling
SKU: P20

This added convenience item is excellent for tank filling with Flat Out hoses and BEST filter. 

Run the hose from the tap to your filter, replace the other filter end with this valve part and then connect a tank filling attachment. This allows you to build up pressure in your hose before filling (needed to lay it in a way to make it then flow) and then when you are finished filling you can easily switch off flow before going back to the tap. more

The 3/4 BSP end fits directly into the BEST filter in the place of the existing fitting. Use a watermark approved threadsealant, don't use threadtape or overtighten as it will void your BEST filter warranty. Save the existing fitting as a spare. The other end meets 12mm (1/2inch) snap fitting standards to fit onto any other hose snap fitting, such as our tank-filling attachment (P17) or one that you make for yourself. Here's a little video we made on how to use it.

Short Drink Water Hose: Filter-to-Van Attachment

If you use an external water filter (highly recommended), your long hose goes from tap to the filter and this short hose is used to connect the filter to your caravan/motorhome water inlet. Both options also act as a space saving drip free storage method for your filter while in transit (see third product image), and assist with easy back-flushing of the filter after use. more

These filter-to-van attachment hoses are made of the same high quality taste free hose as the rest of the Flat Out range (with the German PU liner), have the beautiful and ever-so-practical brass fittings, and take up very little room. 

Which length is best for me?

The 1.5m hose will reach from the caravan/trailer/motorhome to the ground for a high water inlet, and give you a little more freedom of where to place the filter (such as under the van). The main advantages of the 0.7m are the easier packup and simpler back-flushing.

The bend radius of the hose is about 0.4m when under pressure, so if you wish to put your filter at a specific angle, we suggest using the swivel attachment to the van: P8 or P5. The 0.7m might need a strategically placed mounting bracket. 

$38.00 - $49.00

Please Select -
Hose Coupler: snap-on brass 12mm
Hose Coupler: snap-on brass 12mm

Male to male snap-on brass coupler 12mm to connect drink water hoses. This is a standard fitting and will not only fit Flat Out hoses but all usual hose snap fittings in AU. You also can buy them from your local hardware store (and they might be a fraction cheaper), we simply stock them here for your convenience.

Used to join 2 x drink water hoses with snap fittings.

Tank Filling Attachment Taste Free with Brass Fittings
SKU: P17

25cm taste free solid hose with brass snap-on connector. This is a spout used to fill your tank when not connected via the pressure inlet. 

This is our premium grade tank filler with brass fittings for longevity (not really necessary for pressure rating with this application) and because it's so nice to match the rest of your set. 
Connect this product to your Flat Out Drink Water hose to allow easy insertion to your tank with our product P7, onto the other side of an inline filter, or any brand 12mm hose coupler.

Tap Adaptor: ¾in & 1in to snap-on brass

Standard brass tap adaptor for ¾in & 1in BSP threaded garden taps to male snap-on

Tap Adaptor: ¾in & 1in to snap-on swivel elbow brass
Tap Adaptor: ¾in & 1in to snap-on swivel elbow brass

BSP female threaded with ¾in and 1inch options with swivel head and downward pointing male snap-on adaptor brass. If your Caravan has a Male thread (like a garden tap) this item will fit it to make easy snap-on with our hoses, it will also mean you can point your hose directly downwards from the van.

Thread Converter for American water inlet: 3/4 inch NPT to 3/4 BSP brass male to male

3/4 inch male NPT thread to 3/4 inch male BSP brass converter.

Attach to caravans/motor homes with a USA style female water inlet (such as Sureflow inlet). On the BSP end you can attach P4 or P8 or any other 3/4 inch (20mm) part designed for Australian use. 

Thread Converter: 3/4 inch NPT male thread to 12mm snap on brass with swivel

Threaded NPT (USA thread) male water inlet connector with swivel head downward facing snap-on brass

Use to attach your Flat Out hose to your USA style caravan/motor home water inlet. Most water inlet tanks are made by American companies (eg Dometic) and if the inlet is female threaded it is likely to be NPT, which is a different guage to the thread standards in Australia. The standard in Australia is BSP. In a nutshell, if you have an inlet to your van that has a thread on the inside, you need an NPT threaded item to attach your hose to. 

This unit has the correct thread for your inlet and is coupled with a spiffy swivel snap on tap adaptor so you can have the ultimate smooth downward angled connection removing potential bumb hazards as people walk past your van.

Elbow 3/4" BSP Male and Female PVC
Elbow 3/4" BSP Male and Female PVC
SKU: P10
If your drink water pressure inlet is horizontal use this to convert to downward before the snap on tap-adaptor for optimum hose smoothness.
Drink Water Hose: 10m Replacement
Drink Water Hose: 10m Replacement

This is the newest German PU Lined variety. 

Store on your Flat Out Compact or Narrow Multi-Reel. Storing without Multi-reel will void warranty.

Drink Water Hose: 15m Replacement
Drink Water Hose: 15m Replacement

Store on your Flat Out Multi-Reel. Storing without reel will void warranty.

$220.00 - $250.00

Please Select -
Drink Water Hose: 5m Extension Replacement
Drink Water Hose: 5m Extension Replacement

5m Extension Drink water hose only - brass fittings high pressure rated (1400KPA working pressure) and meets AS4020 testing standards.

Store on your Flat Out Compact Multi-Reel. Storing without reel could damage the hose and will void warranty.

End Repair Kit for Drink Water Hose
End Repair Kit for Drink Water Hose

Repair Kit: 1x replacement brass snap-fitting, 1x rubber sleeve, 1x stainless steel hose clamp

Our hoses are pretty darn hard to break, but if you're one of those people who like to be extra prepared, you can carry a repair kit to get you out of trouble should you have a problem out bush.

As Flat Out hoses have a 19mm diameter this brass hose tail is not accessible at regular hardware stores. The custom made rubber sleeve helps ensure even spread of pressure and prevents the clamp cutting through the hosing. The hose clamp is Tridon brand (Aussie Made). Once fitted correctly, the end repair kit is just as strong as the original crimped on fitting, will maintain the high pressure rating and won’t leak. more

This product is used to repair an issue such as a pinhole leak in the Flat Out Drink Water Hose that is close to an end (you will discard the off-cut). Should your issue be central in the hose, consider the Join repair kit (R7) so you can keep both ends of your hose. 

Purchase to fix an issue that has developed in your hose rather than a full replacement, or carry in advance just in case of an emergency while traveling.

Video: How to use the Flat Out drink water hose end repair kit

Alternativey, if you are a little handy with the tools, here is a video for how to repair your Flat Out drink water hose without specialty parts

Is your hose still covered by warranty? Please contact us if you are unsure.

Emergency Join Repair Kit for Drink Water Hose
Emergency Join Repair Kit for Drink Water Hose

Repair Kit: 2x nut and tail snap-fittings, 2x rubber sleeves, 2x hose clamps, 1x hose coupling joiner

Our hoses are pretty darn hard to break, but if you're one of those people who like to be extra prepared, you can carry a repair kit to get you out of trouble should you have a problem out bush. If you have an older hose of ours that has started to wear out, this kit can bring it extra life before you need to replace it. 

How to use video here.

Narrow Multi-Reel

A mid-size cable reel perfect for up to 22m of extension lead and many other uses. It has the same diameter as the Original Multi-Reel for easy stacking, but can save you space if you don't need the full 30m capacity, as it is narrower in depth.   

It turns out it’s not just us - everyone really does love colour! Hot Pink was new in November and the first run is nearly sold out already. Don’t panic though, more are underway. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ 

(Yet ‘everyone’ never really means every one. If colour is not your thing, rest assured that Classic Grey is here to stay.😎

Cable Reel Use/Capacity Suggestions


  • 37 cm diameter (same as Original Multi-Reel)
  • 44 cm including handle
  • 6.5 cm deep (same as Compact Multi-Reel)
  • 0.9 kg when empty
  • Neatly stacks with other Flat Out Multi-Reel products with SKU starting in M.
    B.E.S.T Inline Water Filter REPLACEMENT
    B.E.S.T Inline Water Filter REPLACEMENT
    SKU: P19

    Filter replacement for B.E.S.T inline filters, unscrew the brass fittings from your existing unit and use on this one when you swap them over. You will save money and also be recycling!

    When do I change my filter?

    Your B.E.S.T water filter is back-flushable and will not clog with dirt. The silver concentration in these units is higher than any other filter we know of and will outlast the carbon, so coupled with its 2 way feature that ensures no bacteria will grow inside the unit, you don't have a time-frame for replacement. 
    Yet, as with any filter over time, the microfine carbon will eventually reach its capacity to remove the bad tasting minerals from the water. Depending on the quality of water you push thorugh the filter, will be how long this takes. The 'rating' is 5000L but you will simply know it is time to replace your filter when the water starts to taste bad. 

    • Rolls up completely flat
    • Food grade liner
    • High quality snap-on brass fittings
    • 19 mm internal diameter provides high flow
    • No need to dry
    • Dual size tap adaptor included
    • Australian made with 3 year warranty

    Taste Free Hoses  - what does AS4020 mean?

    Flat Out drink water hoses are accredited with AS4020 certification, the best rating available in Australia. The hoses are manufactured in a ISO9001 quality accredited factory and also conform to the German BGA DIN39 potability standard. 

    To achieve these standards our manufacturers have worked through a long accreditation process which includes rigorous lab testing in Adealide. Please be aware there is also a drink water standard in Australia of AS2070. Hoses with that standard are simply made from food grade plastics but have not been through testing. 

    More videos for Flat Out Drink Water Hose for Caravan/RV/Motorhome

    3 minute video: Riely puts the ‘pressure’ on Flat Out Drink Water Hose on Multi-Reel. Check out how he’s making it work for Denya and himself while they gallivant across the country (lucky critters!).

    Find Plentyofdust* in instagram for more of Riley and Denya’s adventures. Great photos, funny content and useful tips. *language warning

    For less details but more fun... Dexter(7) is the grandson of Multi-Reel inventor Peter Van Mill. He has a similar quirky 'out there' personality to his late Opa, and loves to showcase his inventions.

    In this video, Aaron from DrtyTravel reviews our Drink Water Hose. Check our more of his travels on facebook #drtytravel

    International Compatiblity

    While Flat Out hoses are designed and made in Australia primarily for use in this country, they can be used anywhere and our international fan-base is growing. That said, the dual size tap adaptor that comes with some of our hoses is BSP threaded, and other locations use different guage (usually GHT or NPT). You should be able to purhcase compatible fittings for your location locally as the 1/2inch or 12mm snap fittings crimped to the hoses are universal. As an example, pictured here is a set of fittings that can be used in USA. These fittings were purchased at a general hardware store (in USA). If you are unsure what is needed in your location, you can email us to ask. Please give as much information as you can about the tap systems where you live and also if possible, send a photo of the water inlet on your RV.

    Other Setup Tips

    Excess length of hose between tap and van

    • Attach the hose to the tap, and unspool full length of hose towards your van
    • Make a coil (about 0.7m diameter) under your water inlet with the excess length
    • Connect to van water inlet
    • Turn on tap to add pressure
    • gently release any kinks that may initially form when pressurising

    Connection to your caravan, camper or motorhome

    Our hoses work best with a downward connection, it's not essential as the hose under pressure will simply bend widely, but it does reduce bump hazzards if there is likely to people regularly walking past the side of your van. If you have a horizontal or upward BSP inlet, we advise additional purchase of an elbow adaptor.

    horizontal connections

    Filling water tanks (no pressure connection)

    • Cut off approximately 30 cm from a solid drink water hose and fit a standard snap fitting (or use our product P14/P16)
    • Use a coupler (P7 or any brand equivalent) to join the Flat Out hose and the ordinary hose, or insert your inline water filter if using.
    • Insert ordinary hose in the tank opening; you are now ready to turn on the water supply tap and quickly fill up your water tank with ease
    Tips on tank filling video.

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