The Flat Out Sullage Hose (Grey Water Hose for Caravan & RV)

Especially designed for caravans, campers and motorhomes—suffer your sullage sulks no more!

Sullage hoses are usually large, smelly, brittle in cold weather and difficult to store tidily. We’ve heard storage stories (of other brand hoses) ranging from coiling in a garbage bin in the van shower, to winding around the gas bottle on the draw bar. Our sullage solution is the most compact and easiest to use available in today's market.

Made from heavy duty elastomer, our hoses roll flat onto our Multi-Reels and automatically expand when unspooled to offer high flow grey water disposal. With a flexible smooth finish, they are durable in harsh conditions and collection of debris inside the hose is inhibited. End plugs ensure no leakage or smell when stored.

As the hose is stored without air inside, any microbes remaining will go to sleep rather than reproduce through storage periods, making it the most hygenic sullage hose solution.

Working with a flat hose that is gravity fed, it is important to connect to drain point with the shortest length of hose you have if you wish to achieve maximum flow. All our sullage hoses come in cut lengths with a joiner provided for when the full distance is needed. 

  • Rolls up completely flat
  • Major space saver
  • Durable and Flexible
  • Won't crack in frost
  • No Ribs, flushes clean
  • Most hygenic option
  • Self draining as you wind
  • Versatile lengths with joiner provided
  • Australian made with 3 year warranty

3 minute video: Zoe presents our Sullage Hose features and some setup tips.

Black vs Grey Multi-Reels 

In 2023 we introduced a new range of Sullage hoses on Matte Black Multi-reels. These new Multi-reels are made from over 95% recycled industrial plastics, with no compromise on strucutral integrity. There is no difference in the hoses for each unit. We have now discontinued production of Flat Out Sullage hoses on Grey Multi-Reels, the lower price for those units is available until sold out. 

25mm Flat Out Sullage Hose: 6m on Compact Multi-Reel

Six metres of flexible Flat Out lay flat sullage hose in two convenient 3m lengths with a joiner for when you need the full run.  This sullage hose kit will save you space while offering you a premium drainage system for your Caravan or RV. 

We recommend this smaller unit if space is your primary concern. You can join additional lengths if required, see 25mm accessories. If you have a washing machine and no grey water tank, please consider the 32mm hose option (M4/M4K). more


  • Includes: 2 x 3m 25mm hose, Compact Multi-Reel Classic Grey, 2 End-Caps, 1 barbed straight joiner & 1 barbed elbow drain adaptor.
  • Weight: 1.9kg including reel and attachments
  • Dimensions: 30cm diameter reel, see diagrams.
  • Neatly stacks with other Flat Out Multi-Reel products with SKU starting in C

The inner diameter of our hose is 25mm so it will fit onto any conventional barbed irrigation fittings for 1 inch or 25mm size. If your outlet on your grey water tank is a  different size, you can usually find converters at your local RV accessories store or irrigation store. 

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25mm Flat Out Sullage Hose: 9m on Narrow Multi-Reel

Flat Out’s best value sullage hose. 1.5x the length of our compact option, with added versatility in options (3, 6 or 9m) and still such a space saver! 
If you have a grey water tank, then you can use this hose even when running a washing machine (the tank will buffer surges). It is lighter and takes up less room than a 32mm hose, and will comfortably flow water from a shower/sink plumbed directly as well. more

This flat grey water hose is flexible and incredibly robust. The inner diameter of 25mm or 1inch fits on drain fittings labelled the same size , and converters are readily available at rv accessory and irrigation stores when needed. 


  • Includes: 9m total 25mm hose (3m plus 6m), Narrow Multi-Reel, 2 End-Caps, 1 barbed straight hose joiner & 1 barbed elbow drain adaptor.
  • Weight: 2.6kg including Multi-reel and attachments
  • Dimensions: 37cm diameter Multi-reel, 6.5cm deep
  • Neatly stacks with other Flat Out Multi-Reel products with SKU starting in M

The Classic Grey variant is discontinued so the reduced price is while stocks last. There is no difference in quality between the two options.

$145.00 - $190.00

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32mm Flat Out Sullage Hose: 9m on Original Multi-Reel

This is our highest flow sullage hose, when configured correctly it's flow rate is easily capable of handling a washing machine plumbed driectly. 
The unit contains a 3m and 6m length with a joiner (giving 3, 6 or 9m options for use). For the best flow, use the shortest piece of hose you have that reaches the drain each time. 
Traditional 32mm grey water hoses are very bulky, this unit saves you a considerable amount of space in your storage bay, is rediculously durable and super simple to set up and pack away. more


  • Includes: 1 x 3m plus 1x 6m 32mm hose, Multi-Reel, 2 End-Caps, 1 barbed straight joiner & 1 barbed elbow drain adaptor.
  • Weight: 3.2kg inlcuding reel and attachments
  • Dimensions: 37cm diameter reel, visit Multi-Reel page for more detail
  • Stacks beautifully with any other Flat Out product code starting with M.

If you always use your grey water tank, our 25mm version (M3/M3K) is lighter and smaller and thus might be worth considering. 

[SKU: M4K]
Flat Out Fluro Velcro Stacking Strap

Purpose built to help you secure stacked Multi-Reels when in storage. This strap also makes single hand carrying for a pair of reels easy. more

Flat Out Multi-Reels are designed to stack in pairs like clam shells - with each winding knob fitting neatly into any petal of the partner reel. This strap wound through the center of the stack and over the bottom secures them together while in transit. 

The same strap fits all Flat Out Multi-Reel sizes. The strap is 2.5cm wide, 65cm long loop and 10cm black hook section. The fluro orange also makes it easy to find!

It is useful for many applications beyond Flat Out gear too. 

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Sullage Hose: 3m Extension or Replacement
Sullage Hose: 3m Extension or Replacement

A 3m length of Flat Out sullage hose in 25mm or 32mm to be used as an extension of your existing hose or a replacement of a lost or damaged length. 

If adding this item as an extension, also add a straight joiner (S5/S12). If this is a replacement you won't need the additional joiner.

$45.00 - $55.00

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BSP Male threaded sullage hose connector for van outlet

Connect your Flat Out Sullage hose to your van with a barbed tail fitting such at this one.

Although a barbed tail is a common sullage outlet here in Australia, it is certainly not the only option offered. There is no standard for grey water outlet, so you could have anything from an open pipe, to camlock, to male or female threaded outlet of any size.

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Ratchet Clamp for Sullage Hose

This ratchet clamp can be used to hold your flexible sullage hose onto fittings in a tighter manner. The hose itself will slide over fittings and grip, however if you are finding you wish for a tighter connection, add a clamp such as this one.

Place the clamp around the hose and pipe and press the sides of the clamp together to hold the ring in place. When you wish to release the clamp push one tab away while pulling the other towards you (in the direction of the pipe) and the grooves will slide off one-another.

$2.50 - $3.50

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Jumbo Peg to Secure Sullage Hose - Kingpin Pegs

An easier-to-use alternative to ratchet clamps this jumbo peg (designed for railing) is super strong and when placed correctly will stop your sullage hose slipping. more

Flat Out sullage hoses are designed to fit 25mm or 32mm barbed irrigation fittings and as they are gravity fed, they do not need to be secured against pressure. However, there is slight variance in sizing between different brands for barbed hose tails and you might find your hose a little loose on the fitting to your van. This hurricane strength rail peg will work to keep your hose into position during your stay with the added convenience of super user friendly operation.

The same peg works for both 25 and 32mm connections. Colours are a lucky-dip of red, blue or yellow.

Because they're so handy we also offer them as a pack of 10 so you can use them for many other applications such as:

  • towels/swimwear over thick rails
  • heavy/thick items on the clothes line
  • bundling tent ropes
  • outdoor tablecloth in wind...


$5.80 - $22.90

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Elbow Joiner for Sulalge Hose/90 degree connector
Elbow Joiner for Sulalge Hose/90 degree connector

PVC elbow barbed for right-angled connection between 2 lengths of Flat Out Sullage Hose

Carry one of these joiners if you wish to have the option of hard corner turning when laying out your sullage hose. I

f you have a horizontal sullage outlet you can cut a short length of hose and use it to attach this elbow to your outlet creating a downward flow to attach your main hose. You will probably find better right angled parts from an irrigation store for attaching to your van (threaded so you can screw them on), but the option is here as a back-up if needed. 

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Sullage Hose Joiner: straight barbed
Sullage Hose Joiner: straight barbed

PVC joiner barbed at both ends used to connect 2 lengths of Flat Out sullage hose togehter.

One is provided with your purchase of any Sullage Hose on Multi-Reel product to achieve the full 6m or 9m length of hose. If you wish to cut your hose into shorter lengths or carry an extension hose, you will need an extra joiner to achieve full length.

These are standard irrigation fittings, so they are interchangeable if you wish to collect them from your local hardware/irrigation store.

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Drain Adaptor for Flat Sullage Hose

Used to hook your 25mm or 32mm Flat Out sullage hose into a drain pipe. One end is barbed for you to insert into the end of your sullage hose, the other end is elongated so that it hooks into the drain better. 

The reason you need a drain adaptor is if you were to poke your flat hose into a pipe, you would force a kink, and that will restrict flow. This drain adaptor allows the water to freely change direction. 

One of these units is supplied with with Flat Out Sullage Hose on Multi-Reel units, this is offered here as a spare or replacement. 

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End plug for sullage hose: barbed
End plug for sullage hose: barbed

Spare or replacement end plug for your 25mm/ or 32mm sullage hose

2 plugs are provided with your original Sullage Hose on Multi-Reel purchase.

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Adaptor: 25mm to 32mm barbed
Adaptor: 25mm to 32mm barbed

Adaptor and short length of 25mm hose to connect to van for expanding to allow attachment of 32mm (higher flow) hose to a 25mm outlet. 
[SKU: S22]
Adaptor: 32mm to 25mm barbed
Adaptor: 32mm to 25mm barbed

Barbed adaptor: one end 25mm the other 32mm. Contains short length of 32mm hose to allow easy connection to a 32mm waste outlet for a 25mm hose. 

This item would be useful if you are interested in our most compact sullage model C3 (6m 25mm hose) yet your outlet is 32mm OD. We only recommend downscaling to a 25mm hose if you have a holding tank to buffer high flow times. Otherwise we suggest you matcvh your hose to your outlet and use the M4 allowing maximum flow rates.

[SKU: S20]

How to choose the right sullage hose for you

"Which one should I get?" is a question we are often asked. Firstly, you do not need to select a hose based on the outlet on your van. There is no standard sullage outlet size for Caravans/RVs in Australia. However this is no cause for concern, as fittings and conversion parts are easy to come-by.
We suggest you select a hose based on your space, length and flow requirements and then acquire fittings accordingly. See the decision quiz that follows for how we help people choose.

Regarding fittings, we stock a few helpful attachments yet if none of those qualify, we suggest you talk to your local pumps/irrigation or caravan parts specialist. They will carry a significantly wider range, you simply need to ensure your outlet finishes on a downward pointing barbed fitting of the same size as the hose you choose (ie 25mm or 32mm).

Detailed setup hints video

Important Downward Connection

Please ensure that you connect our hose to a downward outlet, or the hose will fold before water flows into it and fail. If you have a horizontal outlet on your camper, you can add a second ‘drain adaptor’ to your purchase that will act as a downward connection adaptor.

how to connect a flat out sullage hose downward

Don't take it from us, hear from our customers...

When Zoe was at a caravan show in canberra last year she met Rob as he came across our stand. He sang praises of his sullage hose and we asked if he wouldn't mind telling you about it. The result is the video you see here.
Glen is a Flat Out International fan and shares his tips with fellow travellers for an easy grey water collection tank. He uses the same fitting (that he made himself) to easily connect his flat sullage hose at the correct angle.

Flat Out Sullage Hose Setup and Usage:


1. Remove outer plug, connect to van and walk away to unspool.

2. Run your hose to the drain in flowing curves rather than making tight corner bends, this will assist flow.

3. Your hose is cut into 2 lengths, use the shortest length required to meet the drain and use the joiner provided when required to extend the reach.

6m sullage hose on Compact Multi-Reel C3/C3K

9m Sullage Hose on Narrow/Original Multi-Reel M3/M3NK/M4K

4. At the drain, connect the drain adaptor and hook in drain to direct flow downward and reduce chances of displacing the outlet.

To Pack Away:

1. Run clean water through camper sink to flush hose.

2. Detach from camper and insert one end plug

3.Slide this end into the centre of the reel after lining up the opening of the reel with the rubber guides

4.Wind the first length of hose walking along as you go, any excess water in the hose will be forced out naturally

5. At the junction, remove the joiner and slide about 1cm of the second hose inside the end of the hose you have already wound on

6. Carefully do your next wind to ensure it does not lose grip

7. Keep winding until you reach the end

8. Remove drain adaptor and place the second end cap on protruding end of hose

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