Simplify Tank Filling with the Inline Filter Ball Valve!

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Have you ever wished for a simpler way to fill up your water tank without the mess? Meet the Inline Filter Ball Valve, a game-changer for anyone looking to enhance their tank-filling experience. This brass-plated ball valve is designed to work seamlessly with the B.E.S.T. Filter, making it an essential add-on to your drinkwater kit.

Pairing with the B.E.S.T. Inline Filter:

This ball style stop-valve basically acts as an on-off switch at the tank end. Swap the standard fitting on the filter with the stop valve. This can then beΒ attached your tank filling gear.Β Connect your drinkwater hose to the tap and run it to your filter. Tap >> Hose >> Filter >> Valve >> Tank fill attachment >> Van/tank.Β Β 

Once you're ready, simply open the valve to start filling your tank. The stop valve allows you to pressurize the hose, ensuring a strong, steady flow without wasting a drop. This means no more puddles or water spillage at your van site as you wait for the pressure to build. It’s designed to match the standard tap size, ensuring quick, efficient filling without any reduction in water flow. When you're done, just close the valve to halt the water flow, keeping your site neat and dry as you head back to the main tap.

Want a visual guide? Check out the video below where Zoe demonstrates the setup process.

Things to keep in mind:

The 3/4 BSP end fits directly into the B.E.S.T. filter in the place of the existing fitting. Use a watermark approved threadsealant if/where needed (such as this one), please do not use threadtape or overtighten as this will void your B.E.S.T. filter warranty. Save the existing fitting as a spare. The other end meets 12mm (1/2inch) snap fitting standards to fit onto any other hose snap fitting, such as our tank-filling attachment (available via the link below) or one that you have made for yourself.

Ready to upgrade your setup?

Make tank filling effortless with the Inline Filter Ball Valve and the Flat Out Tank Filling Attachment. Click here to learn more and purchase your own.

This simple addition to your drinkwater kit will transform your tank filling process, making it quicker, cleaner, and hassle-free!


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