About Flat Out International

How did it all start?

A sense of freedom and independence, the morning sun rays falling through the skylight, birds singing and the beautiful blue sky reflecting in the smooth surface of the water. Sounds familiar? Everyone who is a fan of traveling with a camper or caravan knows this feeling. This is the journey where the history of Flat Out International begins. Beautiful views, evening bonfires, thousands of miles travelled, spontaneous stops wherever we dream, and starry skies - this is the beautiful side of traveling with a camper or caravan. The other side is meticulous preparation for the trip from the technical side, taking care of every detail so that the trip could be trouble-free and provide only positive experiences. One issue frustrated Peter and Lena on their journey - they couldn't find a way to store the water and sullage hoses so that they wouldn't get tangled, dirty and wouldn't take up a lot of space. After many conversations with fellow travellers, testing various products and solutions, Peter and Lanie designed and in 2001 launched their proprietary, innovative Flat Out reels and hoses system.

After 20 years on the market…

Today, celebrating the company's 20th anniversary, we are proud to announce that Flat Out International is still family-owned, thriving, and growing. Currently, the company is managed by the charismatic Zoe- who is Peter and Lenie’s daughter in law. The company's priorities over the years remain the same: focus on high-quality production and high standards of customer service. Our goal is to provide the most functional, compact, and easy-to-use reels and hoses. As outstanding quality is one of our cornerstone beliefs, we are fully accredited and licenced. In addition, we are proud to be the owner of the Australian Made badge as well as the AS4020 taste free certification on drink water hoses. Our offer includes multi-reels, drink water hoses, sullage hoses and accessories, e.g., replacement parts and hoses, plumbing fittings or attachments. For the convenience of our customers, all items you can find on the website are sold separately.

What you should know about the Multi-Reel

Our signature product is the Multi-Reel, thanks to which you will be able to keep flat hoses, power cords / extension cords and other long and easy to tangle items, such as ropes, in good order. Multi-Reel protects the cords, keeps them clean and thus extends their lifespan. Our storage Multi-Reels are perfect for caravans, motorhomes, camper trailers, yachts, fishing boats, the tradie's ute, or laundry cupboards. They are made of durable and impact-resistant plastics. Designed with the protection and storage of Flat Out hoses in mind, Multi-Reels are also sold separately so you can store your own power cords, cables, special ropes and more.

Why are Drink Water Hoses such good quality?

Our Flat Drink Water Hose is one of the best available caravan / motorhome hoses in Australia. Complete with high-quality brass fittings, this high-pressure rated hose rolls flat on our Multi-Reel. The internal lining is taste free potable water PVC that complies with coveted AS 4020 standards. Our Lay Flat hoses have an abrasion resistant woven cover. Brass snap-on fittings ensure a perfect connection to your drinking water supply. With a diameter of 19 mm, your hose is powerful and boasts a pressure rating of 1400 kPa (over three times mains pressure). The end fittings are standard 12mm size and can be combined with other brands of snaps. Stored neatly on our Multi-Reel, they're a great, user-friendly choice.

The reason you should get our Sullage Hose

Sullage Hoses from Flat Out completes the connections package. We offer users a versatile solution in having multiple lengths in each reel. The smooth finish of the hoses prevents the accumulation of dirt, and its flexibility ensures longevity and easy winding. Made of durable elastomer, they roll flat onto our Multi-Reels and automatically expand when deployed to shed high-flow grey water disposal. Thanks to the flexible smooth finish, they are perfect for difficult conditions, and the accumulation of dirt inside the hose is inhibited. End plugs ensure no leakage or odours during storage.

Useful information

Find out more details about our products visiting the β€œProducts” tab on our website. There are detailed instructions of use, warranty information, power lead capacity guides, reviews and much more. If you need more information such as return policy, postage charges or delivery time please visit the β€œFAQ” tab or contact us. We are always happy to answer your questions. There is also a chance for us to show you how our products work. Our team regularly attends caravan and camping shows across the country to showcase our products. Look out for the Flat Out International or the Drovers Outback Camping market stand to meet us face to face and see our products firsthand. We also ship internationally, with the cost being calculated after entering the delivery address at checkout.


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