Rolling Solo Exclusive - Practical Pink!

Hey There Roller,

Thanks for showing interest in our special offer for you to get your hands on our Rolling Solo Special Deal!

A Flat Out Multi-Reel will save you time and tangles and our brand new Practical Pink Narrow Multi-Reels (empty - ready for your leads) will be released on our website later this year.Β 

There is usually nothing practical about the colour pink... until now!

The Rolling Solo Member Special...

As we are a Port Macquarie based business (female owned and operated, mind!), and because all you lovely ladies are coming to Port Macquarie in November, we have teamed up with Michelle to offer a special where you can:Β 

  • have a better buying price (the more of you who order, the less we need to charge)
  • pay $0 shipping fees
  • get your hands on the first run of our brand new colour

Assuming more than 10 membersΒ commit to the order, the minimum discount will be 20%.Β 

If however,Β  50 member orders or more, the discount will be 35%! This is a huge saving for the Australian Made Flat Out products,Β a price normally only accessible by distributors.

Prices before discount for are:Β 

  • $79: Empty Narrow Multi-Reels for up to 23m lead in Practical Pink
  • $165: 9m - 25mm Sullage Hose on Narrow Multi-Reel in Practical Pink
  • $295: 10m Drink Water hose on Narrow Multi-Reel in Practical Pink
  • $420: 15m Drink Water hose on narow Multi-Reel in Practical PinkΒ Β 

So to buy a set including one empty, 9m sullage and 15m drink water hose, you could save $230!

Please express you interest so we can tell you when the buying page is ready. ​