RV/Trade Extension Lead - 15amp by Coast to Coast

Flat Out Multi-Reel works with any extension lead, yet we have this one in our warehouse for customer convenience, and because we rate it as an excellent extension lead. 

A 15 Amp lead is nearly always required for caravans, yet some are bulky and heavy when they don't need to be. Space and weight reduction are comodities of high demand in the RV world. We like this particular lead from Coast RV because it is very high quality yet has a lighter and more flexible insulation, meaning you can have a longer length for less weight, less space and less work winding it up.

Available as a 17m and a 22m length. Both lengths fit inside the Compact Multi-Reel, yet the 22m is snug, so it might be hard to squeeze in on a cold morning when the lead is less flexible. As such we recommend using the Narrow Multi-reel for a 22m length lead. 

  • Weight: 1.7 kg  or  2.1 kg 
  • Type: 15 A
  • Cable: 3 core 1.5mm

The image of the lead in the Multi-Reel is for demonstration only, when you add this product you are buying extension lead only and must add your desired Multi-Reel separately.

$32.00 - $42.00

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