32mm Flat Out Sullage Hose: 9m on Original Multi-Reel

This is our highest flow sullage hose, when configured correctly it's flow rate is easily capable of handling a washing machine plumbed driectly. 
The unit contains a 3m and 6m length with a joiner (giving 3, 6 or 9m options for use). For the best flow, use the shortest piece of hose you have that reaches the drain each time. 
Traditional 32mm grey water hoses are very bulky, this unit saves you a considerable amount of space in your storage bay, is rediculously durable and super simple to set up and pack away. 


  • Includes: 1 x 3m plus 1x 6m 32mm hose, Multi-Reel, 2 End-Caps, 1 barbed straight joiner & 1 barbed elbow drain adaptor.
  • Weight: 3.2kg inlcuding reel and attachments
  • Dimensions: 37cm diameter reel, visit Multi-Reel page for more detail
  • Stacks beautifully with any other Flat Out product code starting with M.

If you always use your grey water tank, our 25mm version (M3/M3K) is lighter and smaller and thus might be worth considering. 

[SKU: M4K]

Customer reviews for 32mm Flat Out Sullage Hose: 9m on Original Multi-Reel

Sullage hoses are usually large, smelly, brittle in cold weather and difficult to store tidily. We’ve heard storage stories (of other brand hoses) ranging from coiling in a garbage bin in the van shower, to winding around the gas bottle on the draw bar. Our sullage solution is the most compact and easiest to use available in today's market.

Made from heavy duty elastomer, our hoses roll flat onto our Multi-Reels and automatically expand when unspooled to offer high flow grey water disposal. With a flexible smooth finish, they are durable in harsh conditions and collection of debris inside the hose is inhibited. End plugs ensure no leakage or smell when stored.

As the hose is stored without air inside, any microbes remaining will go to sleep rather than reproduce through storage periods, making it the most hygenic sullage hose solution.

Working with a flat hose that is gravity fed, it is important to connect to drain point with the shortest length of hose you have if you wish to achieve maximum flow. All our sullage hoses come in cut lengths with a joiner provided for when the full distance is needed.