Sullage Hose: 3m Extension or Replacement

Sullage Hose: 3m Extension or Replacement

A 3m length of Flat Out sullage hose in 25mm or 32mm to be used as an extension of your existing hose or a replacement of a lost or damaged length. 

If adding this item as an extension, also add a straight joiner (S5/S12). If this is a replacement you won't need the additional joiner.

$45.00 - $55.00

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Using as an extension

Our sullage hose is much more user friendly when stored on the reel, however if you wish carry an extension, this is highly compact and for that just in case moment. Yes when you use it you will need to hand roll it, but you have the advantage of saving a lot of boot-space. 

If you wish to carry more than 3m extra hose, you can of course carry two of our sullage hose on Muilti-reel units and use standard joiner between the lengths. It is more user friendly to do this than carry  multiple rolled lengths. 

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