End Repair Kit for Drink Water Hose

End Repair Kit for Drink Water Hose

Repair Kit: 1x replacement brass snap-fitting, 1x rubber sleeve, 1x stainless steel hose clamp

Our hoses are pretty darn hard to break, but if you're one of those people who like to be extra prepared, you can carry a repair kit to get you out of trouble should you have a problem out bush.

As Flat Out hoses have a 19mm diameter this brass hose tail is not accessible at regular hardware stores. The custom made rubber sleeve helps ensure even spread of pressure and prevents the clamp cutting through the hosing. The hose clamp is Tridon brand (Aussie Made). Once fitted correctly, the end repair kit is just as strong as the original crimped on fitting, will maintain the high pressure rating and won’t leak. 

This product is used to repair an issue such as a pinhole leak in the Flat Out Drink Water Hose that is close to an end (you will discard the off-cut). Should your issue be central in the hose, consider the Join repair kit (R7) so you can keep both ends of your hose. 

Purchase to fix an issue that has developed in your hose rather than a full replacement, or carry in advance just in case of an emergency while traveling.

Video: How to use the Flat Out drink water hose end repair kit

Alternativey, if you are a little handy with the tools, here is a video for how to repair your Flat Out drink water hose without specialty parts

Is your hose still covered by warranty? Please contact us if you are unsure.

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