Jumbo Peg to Secure Sullage Hose - Kingpin Pegs

An easier-to-use alternative to ratchet clamps this jumbo peg (designed for railing) is super strong and when placed correctly will stop your sullage hose slipping.

Flat Out sullage hoses are designed to fit 25mm or 32mm barbed irrigation fittings and as they are gravity fed, they do not need to be secured against pressure. However, there is slight variance in sizing between different brands for barbed hose tails and you might find your hose a little loose on the fitting to your van. This hurricane strength rail peg will work to keep your hose into position during your stay with the added convenience of super user friendly operation.

The same peg works for both 25 and 32mm connections. Colours are a lucky-dip of red, blue or yellow.

Because they're so handy we also offer them as a pack of 10 so you can use them for many other applications such as:

  • towels/swimwear over thick rails
  • heavy/thick items on the clothes line
  • bundling tent ropes
  • outdoor tablecloth in wind...


$5.80 - $22.90

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