Original Multi-Reel

The highest capacity cable reel made by Flat Out.  The Original Multi-Reel will fit over 30m heavy duty extension lead and many other items, protecting your gear and keeping it tangle free. 

Capacity Suggestions

  • 30m Heavy duty extension lead
  • 15m conventional 12mm hose (must be flexible enough to wind),
  • 60m Network cable,
  • 30m Strip LED lights,
  • 15m air compressor hose,
  • 40m Coaxial cabble,
  • 2x10m Tie down strap,
  • 20m snatch strap...
  • USA Customers: 50ft Zero G hose
  • Your own flat hose, the maximum flattened width is 55mm, length to fit will depend on the thickness of the flattened hose. 

This unit is large enough to fit nearly all commercially available extension leads. Actually we haven't found one that doesn't fit yet, but don't want to make false promises. It has double the capacity of the Compact Multi-Reel. 


  • 37 cm diameter
  • 44 cm including handle
  • 8 cm deep
  • 0.9 kg when empty
  • approx. 30 m power cord capacity,
  • Stacks neatly with any other Flat Out Multi-Reel Product with SKU starting in M. 

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