Overland Exposure's Extensions Pack

A system for all your long cables in one go. This package is designed in collaboration with Dan and Manda from Overland Exposure (specialists in technology on the road), based on their use of the Flat Out gear. 

Package Contains: 

  • 4x Compact Multi-Reels
  • 2x Stacking straps
  • 1x Flexible mini-conduit to protect Starlink cable
  • 1x Flat Out Lizard Drinking stubby cooler

Designed to hold:

  1. 30m Starlink Cable
  2. 2x10m 12v Anderson extension leads (stacked together, use for solar panels when caravan is parked in shady locations)
  3. 1x 10m 240v Extension lead -used when power connection is close 
  4. 1x 20m 240v Extension lead (get a thinner one such as our R22 so that it fits) used when power connection is further away

[SKU: K12]

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