Short Drink Water Hose: Filter-to-Van Attachment

If you use an external water filter (highly recommended), your long hose goes from tap to the filter and this short hose is used to connect the filter to your caravan/motorhome water inlet. Both options also act as a space saving drip free storage method for your filter while in transit (see third product image), and assist with easy back-flushing of the filter after use.

These filter-to-van attachment hoses are made of the same high quality taste free hose as the rest of the Flat Out range (with the German PU liner), have the beautiful and ever-so-practical brass fittings, and take up very little room.Β 

Which length is best for me?

The 1.5m hose will reach from the caravan/trailer/motorhome to the ground for a high water inlet, and give you a little more freedom of where to place the filter (such as under the van). The main advantages of the 0.7m are the easier packup and simpler back-flushing.

The bend radius of the hose is about 0.4m when under pressure, so if you wish to put your filter at a specific angle, we suggest using the swivel attachment to the van: P8 or P5. The 0.7m might need a strategically placed mounting bracket.Β 

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