Tomson Pressure Limiting Valve 350 KPA

Mains water pressure varies from campsite to campsite. Too much pressure is risky to caravan/RV pipes. While our hoses boast a high pressure rating, this simply means they will withstand high pressures and not break. Your Caravan might not have the same pressure capacity and so it can be wise to install a pressure limiting valve before your water inlet. 

When asked our advice, we offer this solution from Tomson. You can buy it here or at your local Reece Plumbing outlet. 

It will join inline with the BEST filter using a 3/4” Hex socket also available at Reece. Simply remove one brass end of the filter and replace with the set as shown in the photo. We also added our stop valve to this set [P20].

If you feel these items should be available directly from our store please give us this feedback and we will investigate the possibility. 

[SKU: P21]

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