Introducing a Brand New Hue! The Hot Pink Multi-Reel.

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Exciting things have been happening this year at Flat Out and as the end of the year approaches, we haven't slowed down! In fact, November seen the launch of the gorgeous Hot Pink Multi-Reel! 

The official exclusive launch was held earlier in November in collaboration with the Rolling Solo ladies glamping tour which rolled into Port Macquarie for a riotous week of fun! Read more about the event and how we got involved here.

But we at Flat Out are now so excited to announce the new Hot Pink Multi-Reel is available here on our website for you to purchase!

Why Hot Pink? 

Well… why not? It's practical and pretty! Through customer feedback and a massive response to some of our other recent Multi-reel colour variations, it became clear that a bright fun new colour with some specific appeal was in order. Like us, some of you are sick of seeing tools and utility items in the usual limited range of supposedly "blokey" hues; red, grey, black, orange, red…  Well I have to tell you everyone, Men across the country are also loving this hot new variant! 

It's not only OK to be tough and pretty, it's the new Black! Organised, practical, neat and efficient too. We think so, and that is just what your cable storage solution will be if you treat yourself to one of our new Hot Pink Multi-Reels. 

If you're new to the "Flat Out Fan Club' let me tell you a little bit about why the Flat Out Multi-Reel has been a trusted solution for travellers for over 20 years and more recently, has found welcome place in trade, tech, marine, stage production, home and garden, earning the same reputation. 

The Multi-Reel is made to last! Too often nowadays we here it said about product manufacturers; "They don't make 'em like they used to". Well, we do! Our Aussie made Multi-reels are made from heavy duty industrial polypropylene, and they last years! Many of our customers have had their Multi-Reels for 10+ years and still going strong. 

Multi-Reel = Multi-use! Power leads, data cables, Starlink cable, Christmas lights, tie-downs, mic leads, sprinkler hose, air hose… the list may be endless!

The robust Multi-Reel will protect your cables in storage and transit and make pack up simple, quick and easy (even something that can be delegated to the kids or apprentice!

And then your next setup…ahh imagine never having to undo tangles generated from a rushed shake down again. Bliss (palm tree emoji) 

The ingenious, compact design also allows you to stack multiple Multi-Reels together for minimal space consumption and additional protection. The unique design also means that unlike some cable reels, the Multi-Reel has safety built in! Your leads must be fully unwound and removed from the reel for use and therefore the risk of overheating and fire is eliminated.

If you're yet to try the Multi-Reel to sooth your tangle tantrums, now's a great time as you can be amongst the first to show off the brand new Hot Pink version! If you've been looking at expanding your collection, and love some good colour coded organisation (we know you do) you can get the Hot Pink Multi-Reel right here, right now!

Sincerely Keepin' it 'Reel',

Lisa Hamilton - Flat Out C.O.S. (Cheif of Stuff)

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