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Rolling Solo is Australia's largest all female camping community. Last week these incredible ladies held their annual retreat in Port Macquarie - which also happens to be where Flat Out is based, and so Flat Out owner Zoe got involved!

Against the backdrop of Port Macquarie's iconic Norfolk pines, Zoe presented an informative talk on RV drink water safety to an audience of amazing solo traveling ladies in pink! The Flat Out trailer also dressed up for the occasion as did Zoe's dad Allan came as the 'Fairily Good Expert'! Everyone learned a lot and had whole lot of fun doing so. 

Quality of the water supply, safe transport and storage, understanding water filters and hose rating systems and everything in between was covered! I've been a Flat Out-er, for about 18 months now and even I learned a thing or two!

To make this collaboration extra special, and as a special thank you to Rolling Solo's Founder Michelle, Zoe chose the retreat for the official launch of a brand new Flat Out's product! After encouragement from Michelle, Zoe fast-tracked production of a Multi-Reel variety she'd had the desire to create for some time. With the enthusiasm of a solo traveler about to hit the road, the Hot Pink Narrow Multi-Reel was debueted! Just in time for the Rolling Solo gals to be the very first to get their hands on one! 

The official unveiling was a huge hit! The Flat Out trailer (which was dressed to sparkle for the occasion) was emptied of it's goodies by dozens of 'Rollers' happy to have their hoses and leads on the brand new (and I think my personal favorite) 'Hot Pink' Multi-Reels. 

And maybe best of all… The ladies support of Flat Out gear also helped raise over $500 for the McGrath foundation.    

Who says practicle has to be boring?!

More information on the Rolling solo community can be found here:

If you'd like to add some colour to your Flat Out collection, you can get your very own hot pink Multi-Reel here right now on our website!

Signing off for now!

Lisa Hamilton - Flat Out - C.O.S. (Cheif of Stuff!)

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