25m Starlink Replacement Cable with Stackable Cord Reel

The ultimage way to replace your Starlink cable - new April 2024!
After chats with many of you, we have learned that you love the quality of Starlink internet, but your 3 most common complaints are: 

  1. The cable is awkward to handle, time consuming to work with, and difficult to keep protected while traveling.
  2. The plugs are hard to use, and your are worried about damaging them with regular connecting/disconnecting. You tend to leave the cable attached (more awkwarness!).
  3. The cable seems to fail easily, and is expensive to replace.

For a full soluiton to all 3 issues, we have developed a solution suitable all Starlink mobile users.

This product is a partnership between Flat Out and EXEcab. Execab cables are trusted by Australian Government, Defence, ABC, Chanels 7, 9 and 10, Disney just to name a few.


  • 100% Copper Ethernet Cable
  • RJ45 Male connectors
  • Suitable for Outdoor Applications with UV Protection
  • Compatible with all Networking Applications
  • Backwards compatible with Category 5E
  • 23awg Solid conductors
  • 50 micron gold contacts
  • Complies with Australian standards AS/CA S008:2020
  • 30cm Diameter Compact Multi-Reel (stacks best with other Flat Out Multi-Reels sku starting in C)
  • 1.4kg

Starlink Gen 2 users: Starlink cable is a Cat6 cable with proprietary SPX plugs on the end. It is not UV rated and does not meet Australian standards for outdoor use (probably why so many are having difficulties). You can replace it with this Cat6 on Multi-Reel product and: 

  • a set of ready-made adaptors ($100), or
  • a DIY set of adaptors using your existing cable SPX plugs (with a little skill, and a pair of RJ45 female connectors such as these ~$20)  
  • 3m extension mentioned in 'ideal setup' below for optimal ease of use.

Starlink Gen 3 users: Your modem and dish are alraedy set up to accept RJ45 leads, so this product is ready to go, although we do recommend the extension mentioned below. 

Ideal Setup - add a 3m extension: Connect the outer end of your new cable to your dish, unspool as needed so you can lay the remainder lead and multi-reel under your Caravan/RV, then use a 3m Male-Female extension cat 6 copnnected to the inner jack of the cable, and run it into your RV to connect to your modem. Images and parts coming soon, for now you can order an extension here )


This 25m lead and Multi-reel is currently warehoused separately, dispatch is usually 2-3 business days after your order is confirmed. 

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Customer reviews for 25m Starlink Replacement Cable with Stackable Cord Reel

This world class ethernet cable is Australian made to the highest starndards has an ultra-tough sheath, will withstand bending and full time use in the sun. 
When used in the Multi-reel it won't develop twists, will always stay tangle free (saving you time!) and the outer casing protects the lead when in transit.
Although power extension leads need to be fully uncoiled to use (so they don't heat up), network cables can remain coiled if the full length is not needed. When used in conjunction with accessories suggested below, you can have the most user friendly and reliable starlink cable available in today's market.