Compact Multi-Reel

Flat Out’s most space saving multi-purpose cable reel ready for your power extension lead or a myriad of other use choices. The Compact Multi-Reel will save you time from tangles, and protect your shorter length gear. 

Capacity Suggestions

  • Up to 15 m heavy duty extension lead
  • 30m XLR cables (see musician page),
  • 2x10m 12V Anderson Plug cable,
  • 10m Sprinkler hose
  • 30m cat 6 network cable,
  • 15m strip LED lighting,
  • 30m Starlink cable,
  • 20m coaxial cable,
  • 2x5m heavy duty tie-down straps...

Capacity depends on insulation thickness. For example, the maximum length of 15Amp extension lead is 22m (see product R22) but we recommend planning for no more than 15m of your own lead as the thickness varies from brand to brand.  If you are unsure you can use one of our larger units: Narrow Multi-Reel (1.5x capacity) or Original Multi-Reel (2x capacity).


  • 30 cm diameter
  • 37 cm including handle
  • 6.5 cm deep
  • 0.6 kg when empty
  • Neatly stacks with any other Compact Multi-Reel Products (Code starting with C).

The Multi-Reel’s unique stacking design along with tough outer shell ensures your cables are the best protected when stored or in transit. 



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