B.E.S.T Inline Water Filter with Brass Fittings

This is the B.E.S.T. Water Filters brand model 322HB that we buy in for your convenience. Connect it to your flat out hose and then use a short hose (e.g. P11 or P13) to connect it to your van.  We love it, not only because it's Aussie Made but because it is simply better than alternatives. Containing SilverSafe technology it removes taste, odours, bacteria and parasites. It has no set replacement times, and if the water slows too much, simply reverse it and flush it out, it will start working the other way.  It's compact and produces great tasting water for far longer than other similar sized models. For more information feel free to visit the BEST Water Filters website.

Why Filter My Water? 

Whilst we at Flat Out personally choose to filter all water used in our vans (pressure or tank connected); if you are tank filling it is a very, very wise thing to do.

Over time any silt or dirt particles in the water will settle and create a sediment in the bottom of your tank - which is of course almost impossible to clean! But that isn't the main reason. Council water in Australia is treated for bacteria with chlorine, but if water sits for as little as a couple of days, the chlorine will evaporate. Now if bacteria or other nasties have a chance at entering your tank (and they will because tanks need vents to fill with air as the water leaves them) you risk getting sick.  As Colin from B.E.S.T says, "It only takes one bug to ruin a whole holiday!".

We love the BEST water filters because they have so much more silver than any competitor filter, meaning the filter never goes green on the inside, nor does your tank! Fine silver particles enter your tank with the water that flows through the filter, and do not disappear like chlorine does. Silver is known for its bacteria annihilating ability, and it is also healthy for you to consume in small doses. 


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