Narrow Multi-Reel

A mid-size cable reel perfect for up to 22m of extension lead and many other uses. It has the same diameter as the Original Multi-Reel for easy stacking, but can save you space if you don't need the full 30m capacity, as it is narrower in depth.   

It turns out it’s not just us - everyone really does love colour! Hot Pink was new in November and the first run is nearly sold out already. Don’t panic though, more are underway. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ 

(Yet ‘everyone’ never really means every one. If colour is not your thing, rest assured that Classic Grey is here to stay.😎

Cable Reel Use/Capacity Suggestions


  • 37 cm diameter (same as Original Multi-Reel)
  • 44 cm including handle
  • 6.5 cm deep (same as Compact Multi-Reel)
  • 0.9 kg when empty
  • Neatly stacks with other Flat Out Multi-Reel products with SKU starting in M.

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