Australian-made exterior caravan accessories – and why you need them!

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About RV’s and their accessories

An RV is a great solution for people who love traveling and independence. Campers are not only fashionable; they are also a way of life. It's a way to explore the world without worrying about booking accommodation. You should properly adjust the caravan to your needs. It's great to be able to enjoy comfort and independence during your journeys. Traveling by RV has made the range and uses of such vehicles quite wide and varied. Numerous types of caravans make it possible for everyone to adjust them to their own specific needs. They can be both bought and rented. The interior is adapted to the transport of people and more luggage. It also provides a place to sleep and prepare meals. The equipment of caravans includes a gas stove, refrigerator, sink, small bathroom with a shower, and chemical toilet. The permissible total weight of these vehicles usually does not exceed 3.5 tons. Therefore, a category B driving license is enough to be able to drive them. It's all about the interior equipment. However, you need a whole range of exterior caravan accessories to be properly prepared for the trip.

Essential caravan exterior accessories that are a must-have for your trip

Starting with essential items that will ensure your journey is both safe and fun. You'll need the following items:

Cables- This is a technical item that should be present in every RV. When there are connections at the campsite that are of a different standard, adapters are required.

Caravan water hose - for fresh water intake, you need good quality caravan water hose like the ones from Flat Out International that are Australian-made, especially designed, for caravans, campers, and motorhomes. If you are searching for the highest quality yet most compact drink water supply solution, this is what you need. These hoses have an abrasion-resistant woven jacket, potable PVC lining, and brass snap-on fittings. They meet the requirements of AS4020. With a 19mm diameter, the hoses boast a 1400 kPa pressure rating. Ten meters caravan water hose is usually sufficient at caravan parks.

Caravan hose reel - as the space in your RV is limited, the best solution is to store your caravan water hose neatly on the caravan hose reel that protects your caravan water hose, keeps it in order and clean, and thus extends its lifespan. The caravan hose reel from Flat Out International is made of durable and impact-resistant plastics. As you re-wind, the water remaining in your hose is forced out for drip-free, compact storage. This solution saves you time, hassle, and space during your trip.

Other useful caravan exterior accessories – that you should look into

Solar batteries and a generator are extremely helpful devices if you plan on taking regular travels away from civilization. Awnings are quite handy on every trip; they let you sit outside even in the rain, and they considerably increase the usable space of the entire motorhome.

Leveling pads (typically plastic cones) are placed under the motorhome's wheels when the terrain is uneven. Then, while leveling the vehicle, softly approach them. Invasion tactics like this will work effectively during overnight stays in the wilderness and at many campgrounds.

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