The wide and varied use of flat drink water hoses

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Importance of flat drink water hoses – and what they could do for you

A flat drink water hose is an indispensable device in many areas of life and is much needed. It's used in maritime, chemical, construction, food, tourism, and many other industries. There are many types of flat drink water hoses. They differ in the type of material they are made of. An important factor that acts as an indicator of the quality of the hose is the smooth inner layer of the drinking water hose. The water must flow through the hose unobstructed. It should not stick to the wall of the hose or penetrate through the hose wall. The smooth, non-porous inner layer facilitates cleaning and does not allow dirt to accumulate inside the hose. Another important factor is the resistance of the drinking water hose to cleaning conditions. It is necessary to verify the chemical resistance of the inner layer of the water hose. The type of cleaning agent, its concentration, contact time, and temperature are all important.

Flatwater hoses - essential while caravanning, seriously!

One of the main purposes of using flatwater hoses is the tourist industry, specifically in caravanning. Its main use is connecting caravans and motor homes to freshwater supply. Thanks to this, the sink, shower, toilet, or washing machine can function correctly. Remember that you need a good quality flat drink water hose for freshwater intake like Flat Out International. They are specially designed for caravans, campers, and motor homes. If you are searching for the highest quality yet most compact drink water supply solution, this is what you need. These hoses have an abrasion-resistant woven jacket, potable PVC lining, and brass snap-on fittings. They meet the requirements of AS4020. With a 19 mm diameter, the hoses boast a 1400 k Pa pressure rating. Ten meters caravan water hose is usually sufficient at caravan parks. The space in your RV is limited. Hence, the best solution is to store your caravan water hose neatly on the caravan hose reel. It protects your caravan water hose, keeps it in order and clean, and thus extends its lifespan.

Flatwater hoses for marine use

After each outing, saltwater from your boat’s exterior surfaces and accumulating marine growth must be rinsed regularly with a hose nozzle. Pressure washing your boat with a pressure-rated water hose with brass fittings is a great option. Especially that stains such as greenish discolorations are extremely difficult to remove. Furthermore, the salt in seawater causes unsightly white streaks and progressively eats away at the boat's surface. After you wash all the dirt, rinse the boat with your hose from top to bottom. Boaters often use flat drink water hoses to fill their water tanks. However, for this to be possible, they must be drink water hoses with potable PVC linings. Such as those from Flat Out International. In addition, hoses stored on hose reels take up little space. As you re-wind, the water remaining in your hose is forced out for drip-free, compact storage.

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