Caravan drinking water hose in your camper equipment is a must-have!

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Why has caravanning become so popular?

In recent years, travelling with a camper has gained immense popularity. This form of travelling has been loved by young people, retirees and even families with children. For some, it is only a temporary adventure; for others, it is a lifestyle. Undoubtedly, caravanning has many advantages. A motorhome is your own accommodation and catering base. Travelling in a motorhome saves you from having to look for a place to stay and check the standards of individual hotels. Also, keep your fingers crossed for the standards to be consistent with the descriptions posted on the Internet. Your RV allows you to use the bedroom you always have at hand. You have a bathroom you can go to at any time.

You don't have to worry about falling asleep for breakfast when travelling in an RV. That the supper in the hotel restaurant will be unpleasant. You have your own kitchen in the motorhome, complete with a gas stove and refrigerator. There's also a freezer compartment, a sink, and plenty of storage space. As a result, you can cook dinner at any moment. You will also be able to eat whatever you desire. This style of travel allows you to be more independent. You have complete control over your travel route and can alter your mind at any time. Caravanning provides you with a level of flexibility that no other means of transportation can match. You can also bring a lot of luggage with you to the motorhome.

As long as you do not exceed the permissible load limit, you do not have to limit yourself. And that happens when travelling by plane or coach. RV trips are full of fantastic adventures. You can spend the night on the shores of the lake. You can also admire the surroundings from a cliff suspended hundreds of meters above the ground. However, in order for the trip to go without unpleasant surprises, you need to be well prepared for your camper trip. Both in terms of camper equipment, the technical condition of the vehicle or load capacity.

Necessary parts of caravan equipment

Caravan accessories can be divided into exterior and interior. When it comes to interior accessories, of course, kitchen equipment is crucial. Melamine dinnerware set, melamine coffee cups, clear plastic wine glasses. Everything is light, durable, and the plates are glued with rubber pads to prevent slipping on tables without tablecloths. In addition, there are accessories for keeping things clean. A little broom with a dustpan, a large broom, detergents, and a doormat are examples of such items. A well-stocked first-aid kit and a couple of high-quality flashlights are also essential. When it comes to external accessories, there is a handful that is absolutely important.

It is to travel efficiently and comfortably. It is mainly a caravan drinking water hose for fresh water intake. This is something that is not worth scrimping on. It must be a good quality caravan water hose. On the market, you can find caravan water hoses specially designed for caravans, campers and motorhomes. If you are searching for high quality and compact drink water supply solution, you should go for a flat water hose with an abrasion-resistant woven jacket, potable PVC lining and brass snap-on fittings. Safest if your caravan drinking water hose meets the requirements of AS4020. Also, pay attention to the pressure rating of the hose- 1400 kPa pressure rating is very good. Usually, a 10m water hose is enough.

Levelling pads and solar batteries are also crucial equipment. Important camping items include folding camping chairs, a camping table, and an awning. They should be in your motorhome with you. When the weather is nice, people spend a lot more time outside than inside the camper. On the surface, a clothes dryer may appear insignificant, but having a place to hang damp towels is essential.

How do you safely store caravan drinking water hose?

The amount of space in the camper is restricted despite the fact that you can bring a lot more stuff with you on a camper than you can on other modes of transportation. This type of travel necessitates thorough planning, which means you'll need to bring a lot of gear. That is why it is critical to organise your RV's space properly. Therefore, if you have important items of equipment such as a caravan water hose, store it so that it does not take up much space. The best solution, in this case, is the caravan hose reel. If it's made of impact-resistant and durable materials, it protects well your water hose from pollution, mud, rain, snow, sun. There are no creases on the water hose; you can easily wind it up and unwind it. It is the best solution for compact and neat storage of your drinking water hose. And above all, this solution will save you the stress of tangled water hoses and the space it takes.


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