Think about a good quality flat water hose before you hit the road in your caravan!

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What distinguishes good quality caravan water hose?

The water hose is one of the most important accessories in caravan equipment. It is about you and your loved ones' safety. That is why the drinking water hose must be of high quality so that you can be sure that drinking the water it provides is completely safe. However, what criteria must a water hose meet to be called a high-quality hose? First of all, pay attention to the materials it is made of. They must be durable materials that will be resistant to external factors such as pollution, bad weather conditions.

Water hose should be resistant to damage but at the same time soft and flexible to be functional and easy to use. Therefore, the best solution is a flat water hose because they are the most flexible. Water hose should also be resistant to exposure to very high or very low temperatures. Low temperature, i.e. the temperature reaching even -20 ° C, and the high temperature are reaching up to +70 ° C. In addition, the inner layer of the hose must be made of materials that do not change the taste and composition of the water and are completely safe for the transfer of drinking water. It should have potable PVC lining and be safest if it meets the requirements of AS4020. And brass snap-on fittings provide you with a premium connection to your drinking water supply.

When selecting a water hose, it's also important to consider the material used to make snap-on fittings. Brass will be one of the better materials. Another factor to consider is the hose diameter, which has an impact on the water pressure. It would also be more convenient for you if the final fittings were standard sizes. As a result, you'll be able to use them with other brands' fitting attachments.

How do you properly connect your water hose to your caravan?

Oftentimes, things that seem easy scare us. One of such things is connecting your flat water hose to your caravan, camper or motorhome. Especially if you've never done this before and it will be your first time. However, once you try it, you will find that it is quick, easy and fun.

Most water hoses work best with a downstream connection. Failure to do so may result in a restriction of the flow. If you have a horizontal or upward-pointing BSP inlet, it is best to purchase an additional elbow adapter. Thanks to it, there will be no problems with water flow. Then connect the hose to the faucet and unspool the entire length of the hose towards your RV. Then, with the extra length, wrap it beneath your water inlet. The coil's diameter should be around 0.7m. Then, to add pressure, connect the hose to the van's water inlet and turn on the tap. Release any kinks that may have occurred in the hose as the water pressure was increased. That is all there is to it. Isn't it simple?

Water hose accessories that can be useful during a caravan trip

A high-quality connection to the drinking water supply is very important. Experienced caravanning enthusiasts know this. They also know that it is good to be prepared for various unexpected circumstances. Therefore, it is a good idea to have drink water accessories and replacements in case you need them. One of the most important accessories that will allow us to keep our drinking water hose in good condition is the caravan hose reel. It is a tool made of durable and impact-resistant plastics. This keeps your flat water hose always clean and neatly stored on your reel. There are also no creases. All this means that you will be able to enjoy the good condition of your water hose for much longer.

As you re-wind, the water remaining in your hose is forced out for drip-free, compact storage. This solution saves you time, hassle and space during your trip. Another important accessory is a replacement hose in case your first water hose breaks. Better to be safe from such accidents. If you are also one of those uncomfortable people if you are not prepared for every situation, you should definitely take the emergency repair kit for your drinking water hose on your journey. Brass snap-fittings, a rubber sleeve, a hose clamp, and a hose coupling joiner are commonly included in such a set. What you'll need depends on whether the hose's problem is closer to the end or, for example, in the middle. You'll also need a tank filling attachment if your VR doesn't include a water tank with a pressure connection. You should also have tap adaptors and a thread converter on hand, just in case. Once you've amassed a collection of these items, you'll be able to feel really protected and peaceful on your travel.


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