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What are the benefits of caravanning, and why does preparation matter?

Freedom and independence! Caravanning cannot be described in one word. Caravanning is very popular among young and older people as it has many benefits. It fits perfectly with the idea of ​​slow life. Who wouldn't want to wake up in nature and admire the sunrise? Caravanning is a guarantee of new experiences and amazing adventures. Travelling in a caravan allows you to have complete freedom and independence. It's a fantastic experience that emphasizes self-sufficiency and independence.

To begin with, you are not constrained by the confines of the lodging facility. You won't have to look for a room, make reservations, or worry about check-ins. Your caravan serves as your home away from home. You can easily move somewhere else if the weather isn't cooperating. You also save time by not having to look for a restaurant. In your caravan, you can cook and eat meals. The caravan is equipped with everything you require. It has a fridge, gas stove, hot water, toilet, shower, sleeping beds, air conditioning, heating and luggage compartment. The baggage allowance does not limit you as to when travelling by plane. Caravanning is pure pleasure. However, you need to be properly prepared for your trip for that to happen. Usually, everyone remembers to check the technical condition of the RV, spare wheel or the load limit. Often caravanners also remember about the first aid kit, clothes and utensils. However, parts of the equipment are not obvious to caravanning novices but are key. The caravan water hose kit belongs to such key equipment.

What should your caravan water hose kit include?

It is important to think about the caravan water hose kit while planning your trip. There are two types of caravan hoses. One of them is a drinking water hose. It plays a key role in providing you with fresh water on your journey. It would help if you were sure that the quality of the water you consume is the best possible. Caravan drink water hose is a part of the equipment that should not be economical. The inner layer of the caravan drink water hose must be made of high-quality material that is completely safe for human health. This means that it cannot react with water and change its taste or contaminate it. The inner layer must be very smooth and allow unimpeded water flow. When travelling, the second type of caravan hose you should have is a caravan sullage hose. Gray water will be directed away from your caravan by this pipe.

Both hoses should be 10 metres in length. However, if you require longer hoses or are having difficulty determining what length is best for you, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We are happy to offer you advice and guidance, especially given our extensive experience. Flatwater hoses are the best option when it comes to storage. It's also good to keep it on a hose reel for your caravan. It will allow you to keep your flat water hose in perfect order, clean.

Additionally, it will take up very little space. It is a pleasure to spool and unspool caravan hose with the caravan hose reel. Caravan hose stored in this way will serve you for many years. It's because it will not be creased and will not be exposed to dirt, mud, high or low temperatures. You can buy your drink water hose directly on the hose reel or buy the hose reel separately. All our reels have an outer shell made of UV stabilized and impact-resistant plastics. Another important part of the caravan water hose kit is the emergency join repair kit for the drink water hose. This is for your inner peace while travelling in case you need it. Foresight is a handy feature if you are a caravanning fan.

What should you look out for when choosing your caravan drink water hose?

As already mentioned, a drink water hose must be of the best possible quality. It must be durable and made of high-quality materials. At the same time, it has to be flexible to be easy to use and store. In addition, it must meet specific requirements for the conductivity of food substances, in this case, drinking water. You should pay attention to many factors when buying a caravan water hose. Therefore, choose the caravan water hose that will be the best and the safest for you. The flat drink water hose from Flat Out International meets the requirements of AS4020. It is the best possible rating in Australia. It has an abrasion-resistant woven jacket, PVC potable inner lining and brass snap-on fittings. Thanks to 19 mm diameter, the Flat Out drink water hose boasts a 1400 kPa pressure rating. It is a very good rating and allows quick water intake. End fittings are standard sized 12 mm and will connect to snap fitting attachments from other brands. Brass fittings play a significant role in the durability of water hoses. Water hose properly stored, preferably on a hose reel, will serve you for many years. In addition, the hose reel is a user-friendly, easy and compact solution. It will allow you to quickly spool and unspool your caravan water hose.

Don't you know how to set up a drink water hose correctly? Follow a few easy steps

It is an important skill to set up your drink water hose correctly, but it is quick and easy. You need to follow a few simple steps. First, you need to know that water hoses work best with a downstream connection. There will be a problem with the smooth water flow if this condition is not met. In case of a horizontal or upward-pointing BSP inlet, you should purchase an additional elbow adapter to ensure good water flow. Then you need to connect your water hose to the tap. The full length of the hose needs to be unspooled towards your caravan. Then it would help if you made the 0,7 m diameter coil underwater inlet with excess length. Then connect your hose to the caravan water inlet and turn on the tap to add water pressure. Gently release any kinks in the hose formed while water pressure was increased. That's it- quick and easy.


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