Are you planning to hit the road with your RV? A long caravan water hose is an essential piece of kit.

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Caravanning – an exciting adventure for some and a complete lifestyle for others

Imagine you get behind the wheel and go straight ahead. You do not stick to a rigidly arranged plan; you take your time. You stop when you feel like it. You are not worried about an overnight stay. You are not looking for a place to eat in a hurry. You just enjoy the road. You can surprise yourself with a completely new sight every morning! Sounds beautiful, doesn't it? This is what a caravan trip can look like. The road itself is already a pleasure. Because driving slowly, you can admire the changing landscape outside your caravan window. Nothing is chasing you; no one is waiting for you with a watch in hand. You travel in a slow rhythm. One of the biggest advantages of this means of transport is independence.

Also, the possibility of a fast ride between successive tourist attractions. You can change your plans whenever you like. In addition, you do not have to worry about the costs of hotel reservations, transport tickets or the cost of meals in the restaurants. You are independent. You have complete freedom because everything you need is at hand.

On the other hand, you have to handle everything yourself, because it's your house on wheels. If you are wondering if travelling with a camper is for you then… do not hesitate, just try it! However, remember about proper preparation for the trip.

Before you set off on your next caravanning journey

Visit the garage to make sure your camper is in good technical condition. Professionals will help you eliminate mechanical defects that may be a significant obstacle on your route. If this is your first camper trip, know all its features. Ask the rental employees to present the most important technical parameters if you rent one. They should show you how they work.

The first time in a caravan is not only a house on wheels. It is also the first time behind a wheel of such a large vehicle for many. If you belong to this group, be sure to find out the dimensions of your RV. Newer types have many amenities that make driving a caravan safe and comfortable. Such RV functions as sensors and a rear-view camera, and enlarged mirrors will make the car's dimensions not terrible to you.

Before you set off on a trip, you need to know how to level your caravan when stationary or change it from flat to driving mode. All this so that your first time in a caravan will not cause any problems and give you a lot of joy. There are three key areas in a caravan that may require your attention. It is power, water and toilet. Modern campers have special indicators or panels that facilitate the care of these areas. That's it for the vehicle itself. The next step is to equip your caravan for your trip.

Basic camper equipment - what you should have with you

When travelling in your caravan, many things can come in handy. Things that are usually not taken on a typical hotel vacation. When preparing for the trip, divide the accessories into internal and external. It will make it easier for you to organize equipment.

When it comes to internal:

  • clothes,
  • towels,
  • cosmetics,
  • kitchen equipment such as pots, cutlery, plates, containers for storing products,
  • cleaning agents such as washing-up liquid, toilet liquids or detergent.
Remember also about small and very important things, such as:
  • a clothes dryer,
  • a small broom with a dustpan or a doormat,
  • as well as a well-stocked first aid kit.

Don't forget to pack a handy toolkit that includes standard wrenches and screwdrivers for quick repair of minor damages, plus a few torches and batteries.

When it comes to external accessories, you must remember about:

  • extension cords and adapters,
  • levelling pads,
  • folding table and chairs,
  • hose reel,
  • awning,
  • clothes dryer.

You also need to remember about the long caravan water hose and sullage hose if you need it. Significantly, they are of good quality hoses.

Why does a long caravan water hose play an important role when caravanning?

The issue of water in a caravan is crucial. Each caravan has an indicator that will tell you how much water is in the clean and grey water tank. Following the indicator, you will have to refill the tanks independently. To minimize the frequency of this replacement a bit, it is worth using the sanitary facilities at the campsites. Often, it is also at campsites that there are points for freshwater intake and greywater discharge. In addition to campsites, you can also find them at larger gas stations.

Remember that the fresh water pump, which allows water to flow through the taps from the tank, is powered by the accumulator. A long caravan water hose is needed for freshwater intake. A length of 10 m is usually optimal. Remember that this is a hose through which drinking water flows. This means that it must be made of high-quality materials that are completely safe for your health.

In our Flat Out International online store, you can purchase specially designed caravans, motorhomes and yachts with long water hoses. They are flat, compact and user friendly. Flat out international caravan water hose abrasion-resistant woven jacket, portable PVC lining and brass snap-on fittings. It meets the requirements of the best possible rating in Australia- AS4020. It boasts a 1400 kPa pressure rating which is very good. It has a 19 ma m diameter, allowing very quick water intake. The end fittings have a standard 12 mm size. You can connect them without any problem to snap fittings from other brands.

Because the caravan water hose is flat, you can store it on the hose reel, which you can also find in our online store. Thus, you will extend the life of your caravan water hose because it will always be dry, clean and away from harmful weather conditions and high and low temperatures. Caravan water hose stored in this way takes up very little space, and it is a pleasure to wind and unwind it. If you have any questions, you can always contact us by phone or e-mail. Thanks to our many years of experience, we will surely find the best solution for you.


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