Regulating Water Pressure to you Caravan or RV.

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Your caravan or RV is your home away from home! This is the case with it's plumbing too. The plumbing system in your RV is just like that for a house, only miniturised. For this reason, it can be wise to add a pressure regulator to your set up. You see, mains water pressure varies from campsite to campsite, council area to council area. Too much pressure is risky to caravan/RVย pipes. While our hoses boast a high pressure rating, this simply means they will withstand high pressures and not break. Your Caravan might not have the same pressure capacity and so it can be wise to install a pressure limiting valve before your water inlet.ย 

When asked our advice we offer this solution from Tomson. You canย buy it hereย or at your local Reece Plumbing outlet.ย 

A pressure limiting valve can be added to your water set up at the tap end and also join inline with the BEST Filter using aย 3/4โ€ Hex socketย also available at Reece. When adding you BEST Filter, simply remove one brass end of the filter and replace with the set as shown in the photo. We also added ourย stop valve to this set [P20].

Check out Peter's set up featured! Here's what he had to say about getting the most out of his kit and protecting his caravan's plumbing...ย 

"Here's a pic of our set up at Batemans Bay Big 4: brass 2-way connector (you nearly always need to use the tap you're connected to for SOMETHING else and this beats disconnecting and reconnecting); adjustable pressure regulator*; Flat Out 7.5m HD FW hose; compact (blue, of course!ย ๐Ÿ˜‰) Flat Out multireel; B.E.S.T. Inline Water Filter; 500mm Flat Out connector hose; right angle town water connector - all snap-fit. The best!"

Check out your local Plumming or irrigation store for more Pressure Limiting Valve options.

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