A Colorful Celebration: The Hot Pink Multi-Reel Unveiling at Carac in Dandenong, Victoria

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In the vast landscape of the caravanning and RV industry, where functionality meets innovation, one product has stood the test of time and earned the love of Aussie travelers for over two decades โ€“ the Flat Out Multi-Reel. As the proud manufacturers of this versatile, durable, Aussie made cable reel, we at Flat-Out recently had the pleasure of visiting our much loved resellerย Carac, aย vibrant supplier of all things RV located in the heart of Dandenong, Victoria. This visit was more than just a routine check-in; it was a celebration of collaboration, face-to-face connections, and the exciting launch of a vibrant new addition to our Flat Out Multi-Reel family โ€“ Hot Pink!

The Road to Dandenong:

Our journey to Carac in Dandenong was more than just a business visit; it was a reunion of sorts. Despite years of seamless remote collaboration, nothing beats the warmth of meeting our partners in person. The anticipation was palpable as Zoe, the Owner/Director of Flat-Out, stepped into the Carac store, ready for a day of celebration and connection.

The Big Reveal โ€“ Hot Pink Multi-Reel:

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the unveiling of our latest innovation โ€“ the Hot Pink Multi-Reel. A color that embodies vibrancy, energy, and a dash of fun, the Hot Pink Multi-Reel is set to add a pop of color to the world of caravanning and RV accessories. This new addition isn't just about aesthetics; it's about making a statement, standing out on the road and the ever important and practicle organisation with another option now available to help colour code your kit! Carac, being a trailblazer in the industry, embraced the Hot Pink Multi-Reel with open arms.

Celebrating with the Carac Team & Capturing Moments:

The Carac store was abuzz with excitement as Zoe connected with the staff, whom she had known only through virtual interactions until now. The joy of finally meetingย in person was evident on everyone's faces. The Carac team went above and beyond to make the day memorable โ€“ from pink donuts, posing for some fun snaps, to creating an eye-catching in-store display of the new Hot Pink Multi-Reels. The pictures from the day have created memories that go beyond emails and phone calls. These snapshots of camaraderie will find a place in the archives of both Flat-Out and Carac, a testament to the strong partnerships that drive the caravanning industry forward. In the age of virtual connections, there's something special about capturing moments and making connections in person.

Connecting with Customers:

The day wasn't just about business connections; it was also about connecting with the people who make the caravanning community thrive โ€“ the customers. Zoe took the time to chat, answer questions, and share stories with the customers who visited the store. It was heartwarming to see the enthusiasm and curiosity surrounding the Hot Pink Multi-Reel.


Looking Ahead:

As we bid farewell to Dandenong, the success of the day resonated with us. The Hot Pink Multi-Reel is more than just a product; it's a symbol of innovation and collaboration in the caravanning and RV world. Our partnership with Carac has not only strengthened but has also set the stage for future endeavors that promise to bring more color, excitement, and functionality to the caravanning community.

The Hot Pink Multi-Reel, now proudly showcased at Carac, marks a new chapter in our journey, bringing a burst of color to the road ahead. As we continue to innovate and collaborate, we look forward to creating more memories and enhancing the caravanning experience for Aussie travelers.


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