Setting up a freshwater system in your caravan – here are some useful tips!

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Why is caravanning so rewarding?

If someone has never travelled in a caravan before, they are always astonished at how comfortable it is. The idea that you can sleep in a comfy bed at any moment is particularly appealing. Even the longest distances are no longer an issue as a result of this. The first hot shower of the day always makes you feel at ease. Another benefit of caravan travel is the opportunity to cook a hot meal at any time. You won't have to hunt for a restaurant or be concerned about stores or restaurants being closed. Do you want to use the restroom? You can do it at any time! You don't have to look for gas stations or restaurants. Furthermore, you can take many things for your caravan trip that you need for comfortable travel. You do not have to limit yourself as you do when travelling by car or plane. Do you like visiting interesting places? Travelling in a motorhome allows you to see many more places. It is because you won't have to come back to the same place for the night each time. An additional advantage of such travel is that you can stay overnight anywhere. In a parking lot in a beautiful panoramic location and enjoy the beautiful view. To admire the sunset or sunrise in a place not crowded with tourists. Travelling in a camper is wonderful. However, for the trip to run smoothly, you need to prepare for it.

The importance of freshwater while caravanning!

Both interior equipment and exterior equipment are important in the caravan's equipment. It is often the case, especially with novices, that they are very focused on interior equipment. However, they often forget about exterior equipment. The most important thing in caravanning is a high-quality freshwater supply. To make this possible, before travelling, make sure that the fresh water tank in your caravan is made of a suitable material. One that does not affect the composition of the water and does not pollute it. Also, does not penetrate into its composition. All drinking water storage tanks must meet strict consumption standards. Before buying or renting an RV, you should make sure that the tanks meet the specific standards. Another very important thing is the caravan water hose. It must be a high-quality water hose made of durable and flexible material. The hose must be resistant to damage and unfavourable weather conditions. To extend the life of your caravan water hose, it is best to store it on the hose reel. Then we can be sure that it will not get tangled. It will be protected against dirt and, in addition, it will take up very little space. Using a water hose stored in a hose reel is easy, quick and stress-free. Very often, flat water hoses are sold already wound on hose reels, which is very convenient for the user. The inner layer of the caravan water hose is also very important. It must be made of a material that meets certain standards, such as AS4020 - the best possible rating. The inner lining should be made of potable PVC. All the snap-on fittings and couplings should be brass. For user convenience best if the end fittings are standard sized 12 mm. In this way, they can be connected to snap fitting attachments from other brands. When choosing a caravan water hose, it is also worth paying attention to its diameter. It affects the water pressure. It is worth buying freshwater supply accessories of the highest quality. Safety and health come first.

How do you correctly set up a drinking water hose in an RV?

It is often the case that travellers think that the correct set-up of drink water hose is a very simple matter. One that requires no explanation. However, fate can be nasty and simple things can be problematic. However, it is enough to read the short instructions. Then we are fully prepared and calm that this activity will not make our journey difficult. Every fan of caravanning needs to know that water hoses work best with a downstream connection. If this condition is not met, there is a big chance that there will be a problem with the smooth flow of water. In the case of horizontal or upward-pointing BSP inlet, the best solution is to purchase an additional elbow adapter. The Elbow adapter will ensure good water flow. Then the water hose needs to be connected to the tap. The full length of the hose needs to be unspooled towards your caravan. Then the 0,7 m diameter coil needs to be made underwater inlet with excess length. Then the hose needs to be connected to the caravan water inlet, and the tap turned on to add water pressure. Any kinks in the hose that were formed while increasing water pressure need to be gently released. That's all. A few simple steps, and you're done.


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