RV water hose sizes – what to know to pick the right one!

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Travelling with the RV has become a very popular form of spending free time. This is not surprising at all. It can be very family and fun in the motor home. Spending time in a relatively small area brings people closer. It is also a kind of fit test and an opportunity to understand your habits or needs. In the motor home, you do not have to travel with strangers whose company does not always suit you. You are with your loved ones, and this takes the journey to a whole new level. The motor home has everything you need. It has a fridge, gas cooker, hot water, toilet, shower, beds, air conditioning and heating. There is also a trunk for bikes and the possibility of taking large luggage. The convenient equipment of the motor home guarantees real comfort. You can freely complete the necessary things and set your own standard. A recreational vehicle is equipped with everything you'll need to live comfortably and unwind. Even if the weather isn't ideal outside. We frequently consider items that would give us the most comfort when arranging a trip. For example, a comfortable bed or adequate cutlery. However, we overlook critical aspects such as clean drinking water.

Why is a drinking water installation so important while travelling in an RV?

Water in motor homes and caravans is usually stored in specially designed tanks. These are portable canisters or permanently mounted tanks with a filler on the outer wall of the vehicle. The latter option is the most common. An elementary requirement for such solutions is the approval for food purposes of the material from which it is made, especially for portable containers and user-made tanks. Such situations still happen quite often. Water use when travelling in RV is like using water in your household. Water is used for various living and economic purposes. It must comply with the standards for the quality requirements of human consumption water. These standards define physio-chemical, organoleptic and bacteriological requirements for drinking water and economic needs. These requirements apply not only to drinking water tanks but also to RV water hoses. They are an extremely important element of every RV equipment. You should not save on such key things. Therefore, it is important to choose the highest quality hose. This translates into user safety.

What should you look for when choosing an RV water hose?

There are several important considerations when choosing a drink water hose for your caravan, camper or motorhome. First, pay attention to what material the hose is made of. This material must be resistant to weather conditions such as frost, high temperatures and pollution such as mud. The material must be durable. On the one hand, the water hose must be durable. On the other hand, it should be soft and flexible to be easy to use. The flat water hose is the best choice as it is very flexible and easy to store. It can be easily wound on a hose reel. Thanks to this, it will be free from dirt and tangles. Additionally, it will take up very little space. Thanks to the hose reel, it is very quick and hassle-free to wind and unwinds the water hose. It is also certain that the hose will not have creases. Storing water hose on the hose reel definitely extends its lifespan. It is very important when choosing an RV water hose to pay attention to the inner coating. It must be perfectly smooth so that the water flow is unimpeded. Furthermore, it must also be made of safe for health materials. Material that does not change the taste of the water and does not contaminate it. The inner layer should be made of potable PVC that meets the requirements of AS4020. Perfect if snap-on fittings and couplers will be brass. The diameter of the hose is also important as it affects the water pressure. The end fitting should preferably be of a standard size. Then they can be combined with fitting attachments from other brands.

What size of water hose should you choose?

Choosing the right length of water hose depends on your preference. Ten meters hose is sufficient at the majority of caravan parks in Australia. It is for caravans under 7 m. However, if you feel safer with a longer water hose, you can go for a 15-meter-long one. It is also a good idea to stock up on a 5-meter extension hose before your journey. You can connect to your main hose with the coupler if needed. It is important to obtain all drink water hose accessories and replacements before your trip. It is to avoid any unpleasant surprises during the trip.


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