The best way to keep your motorhome or caravanโ€™s water tank clean!

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Do you have any concerns before starting your caravanning adventure? It is understandable. Caravanning gives a lot of joy, independence and positive, unforgettable memories. However, for this to be so, you should be well prepared for this adventure. This is not a piece of cake at all. The most common concern is hygiene. The fear is understandable because it is hard to imagine how a house on wheels works. Also, many concerns related to the right caravan equipment. Preparing your caravan as best as possible from the technical side is important. But don't worry too much. Support, knowledge and lots of practical advice can be found on caravanning internet groups, also, in all reliable stores with accessories and equipment for motorhomes and caravans. Start with the key issues if you are at the beginning of your adventure and are looking for equipment. One of them is the installation of water in your caravan. Choosing the right drinking water tank for your caravan is very important.

What characterizes good quality caravan water tank?

There are many types of water tanks on the market. Not sure which one to choose? Water is an essential resource for survival, so it is very important to store it properly. Therefore, it is important to choose the right drinking water tank for your caravan, as it will allow you to enjoy comfort while travelling. Drinking water should be stored in tanks made of materials approved for contact with liquid intended for consumption. Remember to check whether the tank has the required approvals and certificates. Good quality water tanks must be resistant to low and high temperatures. The water tanks in caravans cannot be subject to corrosion or oxidation processes. They should be light easy to transport, and their installation should be simple and economical. High-quality water tanks should have connections made of stainless steel, which guarantees high toughness and durability. The tank walls should be thick and solid enough to guarantee the stability of the tank. The water tank for a motorhome or caravan usually has a capacity of several dozen litter up. When choosing your caravan water tank, consider how many people will travel in your caravan, what routes you will cover and whether they will be routes away from the main roads. Larger tanks take up more space, often an obstacle in small motorhomes. Smaller tanks, on the other hand, require more frequent refilling. These considerations will allow you to decide the size of the tank to meet your expectations.

How often to change the water in your water tank, and how to keep your caravan water tank clean?

The caravan water tanks are usually located low to the floor or under the seats of your caravan. As a result, they are better protected against low and high temperatures. They are out of access to light, so algae and bacteria do not grow in the water. There are no specific standards for how long the water is good for consumption. If possible, when using potable water, boil it before consuming it. Before refilling the water, make sure that the tank is clean and no sediment on the walls. You want to avoid poisoning with microorganisms. It is recommended to use disinfectants and filters. These are preparations that you can buy in stores with accessories for outfitting motorhomes and caravans. Before a new trip, it is recommended that pipes and taps be thoroughly cleaned where possible. For cleaning, specially designed preparations available in every store with camping accessories are perfect. Special cleaning liquids can clear the installation to remove scale, bacteria and fungi. These liquids are composed so as not to contribute to corrosion of the fittings. Remember to always empty the water tanks when you are not travelling. Clean the tank thoroughly after each trip. It is also important due to weather conditions, especially when the temperature drops below zero.

How to choose a good water hose to connect with your water tank?

The quality of your caravan water hose is as important as the quality of the water tank. It must be just as safe for water, i.e. made of materials that do not change its taste and do not react with it in any way. That's why a flat drink water hose from Flat Out International, specially designed for caravans, campers and motorhomes, will be the best here. It is a high-quality hose with an abrasion-resistant woven jacket, potable PVC lining and brass snap-on fittings. It meets the requirements of AS4020- the best possible rating. Caravan water hose from Flat Out international has a 19 mm diameter and 1400 kPa pressure rating. It is available in length of 5, 10 and 15 meters. It's best to keep it on the hose reel. It is then free from dirt and damage. Moreover, it is user friendly and takes up little space.


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