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Most modern motorhome or caravans are equipped with a shower and toilet. The water installation in the motorhome and caravan is essential during caravanning. It gives you independence and freedom to travel, which is an undeniable advantage of this form of travel. What exactly does the use of water in motorhomes look like?

Why is freshwater so important during caravanning?

Unfortunately, water in the caravan does not magically appear by itself. As in the case of electricity, there is also no possibility of connecting directly to an external water source and taking it "regularly". So, the water will be from where we will refuel it ourselves. There are two water tanks, usually around 100 litter, in the caravan. One is designed for clean water, then found in the tap. The second tank collects greywater, in other words, wastewater from washing dishes, teeth or showers. In the caravan, just like at home, you can use the kitchen sink, washbasin in the bathroom and shower. Often, recreational vehicles are also equipped with an external shower, which is useful, for example, after returning from the beach or when travelling with the dog. Caravans are also equipped with a boiler. So, you don't have to worry about cold water when showering. To take advantage of the water installation in the motorhome and caravan, you should start the water pump. It is located on the control panel. Remember to check the water level in the tanks before starting the pump to prevent it from running "dry". Daily monitoring of intake of both clean and grey water tanks is an important point of the journey. Of course, there are water consumption indicators in the motorhome, which work in the same way as the fuel gauge. You just have to pay attention to what the indicators show. Unfortunately, water supplies can run out quickly, so it is worth using the shower or camping kitchens.

How to choose a freshwater tank for your caravan?

Are you looking for a suitable drinking water tank if you are at the stage of equipping your caravan or motorhome? Remember that it must be adapted to your needs. If you know that you use a lot of water and do not want to refuel it too often, choose a tank with a larger capacity. However, the most important thing is that the tank has approvals and certificates adapted to the storage of drinking water. This means that the inner layer of the tank must be made of a material that does not pollute the water, does not change its taste and composition and is completely safe for human health. Also, make sure that the walls of the tank are thick enough. The thickness of the walls affects the stability of the water tank. The freshwater tank is such an important element of the camper's equipment that it is not worth saving. Quality first and foremost. There are many caravanning groups on the internet. There, you can find valuable advice and reviews about equipping caravans. It is worth taking advantage of the experience of more experienced caravanners.

Importance of right caravan water hose in the caravan water system

You can fill clean water through a special inlet outside your caravans. Remember to always have a water hose equipped with your RV. The water hose quality is as important as the quality of the water tank. Preferably choose a flat drink water hose. It takes up little space and is easy to use. For example, you can find such flat hose in the offer of Flat Out International - a company with twenty years of experience, which puts heart and quality into its products. Drink water hose from Flat Out International with 10 m length should be enough. It has an abrasion-resistant woven jacket, potable PVC lining and brass snap-on fittings. It meets the requirements of AS4020, which should be the most important criterion when choosing a caravan drink water hose. The water installation in the motorhome is drinking water and dirty grey water. It is discharged to a special tank. And what next? The most important rule is not to drain the grey water where it falls - it is unacceptable. To do this, you need to find a properly marked place. There are special drainage basins or drains. In the car's chassis, you will find a tap that, when unscrewed, drains the water from the tank located on the vehicle's floor. It is worth having a flat sullage hose with you to help drain the water into the drains. Choose our flat sullage hose. It is very durable and flexible and is stored on a hose reel. This is a hygienic option as bacteria do not grow in dry coiled hoses.


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