BEST Filter and Accessories Pack

BEST Filter and Accessories Pack

New April 2024. Being huge fans of the B.E.S.T inline water filter (we have developed accessories just for it), and strongly believe you should always use a high quality filter to protect your pipes and health when traveling.  
This package collates filter with the most commonly needed accessories used when connecting it with Flat Out hoses. 


  • BEST filter with brass fittings P16
  • 0.7 or 1.5m short hose filter to van attachment for inline use at parks, under full-time pressure (also assists back flush and drip free transit) P11/P13
  • Brass stop-valve to control water flow at the van end P20
  • Tank spout with brass end and taste free stiff hose P17

These items are included in most of our RV connection kits, however if you are building your own kit of Flat Out Multi-Reels and hoses, this package saves some of the thinking for you. 

$260.00 - $275.00

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