Zoe's Favourite Starter Pack

Hi Campers, Zoe here! This is my favourite way of setting up a starter kit because it is versatile with joinable lengths (great for when close or far from services) and because it  contains a Hot Pink Multi-Reel. In this kit you have two stacking pairs, one at the Compact size, the other at Original/Narrow. As we stack and strap in pairs, this works really well but also gives you additional hose length with the convenience of selecting one or both hoses depending on where you are.

  • 15m Drink water hose and accessories:
    • 2x7.5m drink water hose on Compact Multi-reel - Electric Blue [C7EPK]
    • 1x brass hose joiner [P7
    • 1x brass tap adaptor [P4]
  • 9m Sullage hose: 
    • 6+3m 25mm on Narrow Multi-Reel - Matte Black [M3NK],
    • OR 6+3m  32mm on Original Multi-Reel - Matte Black [M4K]
  • Multi-Reel for extension lead + accessories:
    • Narrow Multi-Reel (for up to 22m extension lead) - Hot Pink [M1NP]
    • 2x Flat Out fluro velcro stacking strap [R8]
    • "Flat Out Like You Should Be" stubby holder [T10]
  • Optional Filter & Accessories Pack 
    • 0.7m filter to van connection hose [P11]
    • B.E.S.T inline water filter [P16]
    • Plated Brass Stop Valve [P20]
    • Tank Filling Spout [P17]

$710.00 - $1,000.00

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