All you need to know about water hose accessed caravan drinking supply – and how to build one from Bunnings

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Why do you need a drinking water hose during your caravan trip?

with Caravanning is pure pleasure. It is associated beautiful views, independence and spontaneity. A house on wheels becomes your second home for a while. Even people for whom a caravan is the only and most important home. This is also great! Advanced caravanning fans know this. Beginners should find out. The key to a successful journey is the preparation and proper equipment of your caravan. It is for your good that there are no unpleasant surprises during your trip that will make your life difficult and give you unnecessary stress.

You know that you have to take care of your caravan's technical condition before your trip. The fact that you need to know all the functions and indicators of your caravan, know where the fuel filler, clean water tank and grey water are, you know for sure. However, do you remember all the important parts of your caravan's equipment? One of the key parts of the equipment of each caravan is a drinking water hose. It is very important because it is used for freshwater intake. Thanks to it, water is supplied to your tank in the caravan, which you can use for consumption: drinking, cooking, and washing dishes.

The water you consume must be of the highest quality and safe for your health. It is essential to have a good quality caravan drinking water hose for this to be the key. It can't be just any hose. Ideally, it should meet the requirements of the AS4020. The drinking water hose should have a potable PVC inner lining, an abrasion-resistant woven jacket, and brass snap-on fittings.

All these features have a flat drinking water hose from Flat Out International. In addition, our drinking water hose boasts a 1400 kPa pressure rating and has a 19 mm diameter. If you want as much space as possible in your caravan, you'll be satisfied that this water hose is flat and takes up very little space. The optimal length of the caravan drinking water hose is 10 m.

However, if for some reason you need a longer one, at our Flat Out International online store, you will also find a 15 m hose. Like everything, you need to take care of your drinking water hose to keep it in good condition.

How to keep your caravan drinking water hose in good condition for years?

As a drinking water hose is an important part of caravan equipment, you need to take care of it. First, you need to store your hose in a clean and dry place. It should be protected from unfavourable weather conditions, such as very high and very low temperatures. It should also not lie in water or mud for a long time. You must ensure that your hose is reeled up properly after each use and that no creases are formed. They may damage your drinking water hose. If you have a flat caravan drinking water hose, it will be easiest and safest to store it on a hose reel. The hose reel is made of durable, damage-resistant materials. It takes up very little space, and it is child's play and quick to wind and unwind your caravan water hose thanks to a hose reel. With a hose reel, you will ensure that your hose is always safe, clean and properly reeled. Besides, a hose reel is a multi-functional device. You can use it to store cables, ropes and wires.

Coming back to the caravan drinking water hose, to enjoy its good condition as long as possible, use only high-quality brass bunnings and accessories. Also, remember that you should wash your hose from time to time. If it is dirty with mud, wait for it to dry. Use a broom to clean dry sand from your hose, then rinse your hose with warm, clean water. Also, make sure that any bunning that you plug into your hose is clean. If you take care of your caravan drinking water hose in this way, it will surely serve you for many years.

Types of caravan drinking water hose bunnings and accessories you may need during your trip

Caravan trips can be unpredictable. You never know what's going to happen. Therefore, it is good to be properly equipped with bunnings and accessories that you may need during your trip. Therefore, it is best if your caravan drinking water hose has end fittings of standard size 12mm, which will connect without problems to snap fitting attachments from other brands. This is very convenient as you will not have to worry about a specific size bunnings fit. To ensure you are on the safe side of your journey, it would be helpful if you have an emergency join repair kit for your caravan drinking water hose.

Such repair kit consists of:

  • 2x nut and tail snap-fittings,
  • 2x rubber sleeves,
  • 2x hose clamps,
  • 1x hose coupling joiner.

Such a kit will save you from trouble if your drinking water hose breaks. Another bunning you should have during your trip is a snap-on brass hose coupler 12 mm. This standard fitting will fit all standard hose snap-on fittings in Australia. It will allow you to connect two drinking water hoses with snap-on couplings. If we are talking about connecting two drinking water hoses, remember to get a 5 m drinking water hose extension replacement. And finally, a very important thing is if you have an inlet to your caravan with a thread on the inside. It is a brass thread converter with a swivel: 3/4-inch NPT male thread to 12mm snap. It will attach your drinking water hose to your motorhome or caravan's American style water inlet.

You must know that American companies make many water inlet tanks in caravans. These inlets differ from standard water inlets in Australia. You will be able to attach your drinking water hose to this NPT thread converter. The converter is connected to an elegant, swivel, snap-on faucet adapter. Thanks to this, you will get a perfectly smooth connection directed downwards. All of the above bunnings and accessories can be purchased at our Flat Out International online store.


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