How to prepare and why it is great to have a caravan sullage hose while caravanning!

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Equipment and accessories useful when caravanning

Planning a vacation in a caravan is worth taking a few items with you. All caravan equipment can be divided into several different categories. Thanks to this, it will be easier to equip yourself with all the necessary things when packing. In this case, you will not forget anything. Every experienced caravanning fan knows that good packing is the key to a successful trip. Because nothing will surprise you. If you already have your caravan, you know exactly what is in it and what you should bring. If you are renting a caravan, check carefully what's inside before you start completing your equipment before travelling. Divide your equipment into personal items such as clothes, bedding, cosmetics, and medications that you take every day.

The second category is kitchen/dining room equipment:

  • cutlery,
  • dishes,
  • pots,
  • glasses,
  • paper towels,
  • broom,
  • doormat.

Another category is toilet/bathroom equipment, i.e.:

  • towels,
  • laundry dryer etc.

Another category is leisure accessories such as:

  • folding chairs
  • camping table,
  • awning,
  • barbecue,
  • tent.

The next category is cleaning products, i.e.:

  • dishwashing liquid,
  • washing powder,
  • special toilet liquid,
  • liquid for disinfecting surfaces.

Another category is safety. This category must include:

  • well-equipped first aid kit,
  • protective spray against mosquito and insect bites,
  • sunscreen,
  • road emergency kit,
  • fire extinguisher.

Another category is the caravan equipment, i.e.:

  • drinking water hose,
  • clean water tanks,
  • sullage hose,
  • hose reel,
  • shovel,
  • hammer,
  • jack,
  • box with basic tools such as screwdrivers, screws, spare parts,
  • extension cords,
  • flashlights,
  • chargers,
  • wheel chocks,
  • engine oils and fluids.

There is also a category of entertainment, everything that will make your journey more enjoyable, for example, board games or musical instruments. All these listed above are just some of the many items you need to take with you to prepare for your trip. However, the mere division into categories will make it easier for you to devise a list of necessary things.

Managing drinking water in your caravan.

All caravans are equipped with freshwater tanks. The size of the freshwater tank varies from 30 to 122 litres, depending on the caravan type. It will provide fresh water for showering, washing dishes and cooking. To fill the water tank, use the caravan drinking water hose to fill the water through the water valve on the caravan. Make sure it is the hose of high quality. A flat drinking water hose from our offer with an abrasion-resistant woven jacket, potable PVC lining and brass snap-on fittings will be perfect. The average person needs about 20 litres of water a day for showering, washing dishes, cooking and cleaning. This number is only approximate as showering time, type of cooking, amount of cleaning and many other factors can vary widely. However, there are ways to save drinking water in your RV. First, wash the dishes once a day, not after each use. Ensure you use the sink and don't let the water run while washing the dishes. Also, take a shower, not under running water. Turn the water spray off to lather, then turn on the water spray again to rinse off the suds quickly. Thanks to this, you will save a large amount of water.

Gray water in your caravan.

A caravan, commonly known as a house on wheels, is intended to fulfil similar residential functions. So, kitchens, toilets, and bathrooms are standard in motorhomes and caravans. Using them is associated with the formation of grey water and feces. The vehicle users are responsible for escorting them to the places intended for this purpose. First, you should remember and make it clear that you pour all grey water into the places designated for it - not only feces but also grey water, i.e., after bathing or washing dishes. If we wash them in a caravan, the water flows into a special tank and goes to the grey water container. Only this container is emptied. In campsites, places for grey water, sewage disposal, and waste dump sites should be indicated and must not be located in sanitary blocks.

How to empty a grey water tank from your caravan.

There are two ways to empty the grey water tank. They depend on the caravan type. In smaller types, there is a drain valve inside the caravan. On larger types, there is a drain tap under the vehicle. Correct disposal of greywater is imperative as incorrect disposal can contaminate groundwater. As a rule, all used drinking water goes to the grey water tank. If your freshwater supply runs low, you probably need to empty the grey water tank. Indicators on your caravan will show you when the tanks need emptying. Please remember to have the caravan sullage hose with you. There are situations when it will not be able to drive directly to the grey water discharge site, and then it will be necessary to use a sullage hose. It must be a good quality hose. In our Flat Out International online store, you will find flat sullage hoses specially designed for caravans, campers and motorhomes. They are made from heavy-duty elastomers. They have a flexible smooth finish. They are durable in harsh conditions, and debris collection inside the hose is inhibited. End plugs ensure no leakage or smell when stored.

Remember that working with a flat hose that is gravity fed, it is important to connect to the drain point with the shortest length of hose you have. In this way, you will achieve maximum flow. There is no standard sullage outlet size for Caravans / RVs in Australia. That is why selecting a sullage hose based on your space, length and flow requirements is best and then acquiring fittings accordingly. Best store sullage hose on the hose reel. It is the most compact solution and the best for the lifespan of your sullage hose. Flat Out international sullage hoses roll flat onto our multi-reels and automatically expand when unspooled to offer high-flow grey water disposal.

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