The Best XLR (mic) Cable Reel for Musos & Roadies!

Posted by Lisa Hamilton on

Are you a stage performer, muso, AV or lighting tech or DJ struggling with too many cables? Like us, you know how valuable your multitude of leads and cables are, and the lengths you go to to protect them in transit.

Flat Out's Multi-Reels in sexy matte black are the perfect solution for your cable management! They stack together for added space, look great with your kit, but most importantly they keep your precious leads and cables safe, protected and well organised. When stacked together, your cables are literally armor plated in transit due to the solid backs of the reels. 

There's a couple of ways you can set these up to store your leads... You can stack multiple leads of the same length into our Multi-Reels so they all roll out at once tangle free. Or, you can wind different length leads onto the Multi-Reel one after the other. Check out the videos here to see how it's done!

When hand rolling cables there are various techniques you can use to prevent damaging twists from forming in them as you roll. When cables enter the Multi-Reel, they roll in smoothly in a linear fashion, they'll not develop those nasty twists and you'll add to the longevity of your products. As the Multi-Reel is so intuitive to use, you can hand the job to anyone (handy after a long performance), and be confident they will not damage your leads!

The Compact Multi-Reel fits approx. 4x 10m XLR leads (or 8x 5m)  with the Narrow and Original Multi-Reels offering 1.5x and 2x that capacity respectively. 

You can of course use Flat Out Multi-Reels for your extension leads too. So now you can look forward to setting & packing up your gig with ease, save time and protect your valuable gear. 

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