Serious Bragging Rights

This kit gets you the longest and best of everything, saving you a copious amount of boot-space in comparison to conventional gear of the same lengths. Set yourself up for any situation and have the convenience of choice... parked close to services: use the shorter lengths, at a distance: you're prepared!

Showing off to your neighbours is not the goal, but will be inevitable. You will be prepared for all situations, setting and packing up with flair.  

The package caters for 25m drink water hose in two convenient lengths, 18m sullage hose, and approximately 50m extension lead (over 2 Multi-Reels).

Gear Included:  

26.5m drink water hose and accessories

  • 15m drink water hose on Multi-Reel M2NE
  • 10m drink water hose on Compact Multi-Reel C2E
  • B.E.S.T inline water filter P16
  • Plated Brass Stop Valve P20
  • 1.5m filter to van connection hose P13
  • Tank Filling Spout P17 
  • hose joiner P7 
  • a drink water hose end repair kit, just in case R6
  • elbow adaptor to attach your drink water hose to van brass-on-brass with downwards orientation P8
  • thread converter 1/2 inch NPT to BSP used to connect your elbow adaptor to your van when you have a female threaded outlet P6

18m sullage hose 

  • 9m sullage hose 32mm diameter on Multi-Reel M3NKx2/M4Kx2
  • extra 32mm suluage hose joiner to connect to existing lengths S5/S12

Multi-Reels and accessories

  • Compact Multi-Reel C1
  • 17m 15 amp extension lead to fit on it R17
  • Multi-Reel (for your own extension lead 20-30m) M1S
  • Flat Out fluro velcro stacking strap R8 x 3
  • "Flat Out Like You Should Be" stubby holder T10

 AND...A Keepin' it Reel, Unisex Aussie-made T-shirt! (Please email us with your size after ordering)


$1,058.00 - $1,078.00

Please Select:
Drink Water Setup with greatest flexibility

The drinkwater setup involves a 15m hose and a 5m extension hose. You could swap the 5m for a 10m to give you more flexibility again. It comes with all the trimmings including the BEST water filter, a 1.5m filter connection hose, tank filler with brass fitting, an emergency repair kit and brass fittings for your van.  

Sullage  - no fuss and ready for everything

The sullage is in 2 sizes. We find a lot of RVs have a separate outlet for the washing machine to the shower/sink. Use the M3, (25mm hose) for the main outlet, and the M4 (32mm hose) for the washing machine. We've also included an adaptor that you can use to join the 2 hoses together should you need to span a significant distance at a park. Remember you can edit your cart and swap out the hoses so they are the same diameter if you prefer. 

Multiple Multi-Reels for extension leads

There is a large empty Multi-Reel for your extension lead and a smaller one with our 22m lead for you to carry as backup or further extension if staying at inland parks where power sources might be further from your campsite. 

If we've forgotten anything, let us know!


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