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Multi-Purpose Cable Reel
Flat Out Multi-Reel

Aussie made cable reel for extension leads, cords, ropes, straps, LEDs and more. Intuitively use, stack and protect your gear ensuring it is damage and tangle free for its next use.

Not only is a Multi-Reel super practical (and good looking 😜) it will also make you feel good. Your purchase is supporting high quality Australian manufacturing, environmentally conscious family business and of course your own happiness as we save you time, space and sanity!

Compact Multi-Reel

Flat Out’s most space saving multi-purpose cable reel ready for your electrical extension lead and many other items.

Capacity Suggestions (up to):

  • 15 m Heavy duty extension lead*
  • 25m Household extension lead
  • 20m 12V Anderson cable,
  • 10m Sprinkler hose
  • 15m Strip LED lighting,
  • 30m Starlink cable,
  • 2x5m Heavy duty tie-down straps... more

The Multi-Reel will save you time from tangles, is safer than conventional cable reels and the unique stacking design along with tough outer shell ensures your cables are the best protected when stored or in transit.

Commercial/Industry uses:

  • 8.5m air compressor hose/standard 12mm water hose
  • 20m window cleaning pole hose (commercial use)
  • 20m coaxial cable
  • 25m broadcast video cable
  • 30m cat 5/6 network cable (also see our outdoor cat6 cable)
  • 30m XLR cable (see muso/AV page),
  • and of course all the suggestions above


  • 30 cm diameter
  • 37 cm including handle
  • 6.5 cm deep
  • 0.6 kg when empty
  • Neatly stacks with any other Compact Multi-Reel Products (Code starting with C).

*Capacity depends on insulation thickness. For example, the maximum length of 15Amp extension lead is 22m (see product R22) but we recommend planning for no more than 15m of your own lead as the thickness varies from brand to brand.  If you are unsure you can use one of our larger units: Narrow Multi-Reel (1.5x capacity) or Original Multi-Reel (2x capacity).

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Narrow Multi-Reel

A mid-size cable reel perfect for up to 22m of extension lead and many other uses. It has the same diameter as the Original Multi-Reel for easy stacking, but can save you space if you don't need the full 30m capacity, as it is narrower in depth.   

Cable Reel Use/Capacity Suggestions


  • 37 cm diameter (same as Original Multi-Reel)
  • 44 cm including handle
  • 6.5 cm deep (same as Compact Multi-Reel)
  • 0.9 kg when empty
  • Neatly stacks with other Flat Out Multi-Reel products with SKU starting in M.
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    Original Multi-Reel

    The highest capacity cable reel made by Flat Out.  The Original Multi-Reel will fit over 30m heavy duty extension lead and many other items, protecting your gear and keeping it tangle free. more

    Capacity Suggestions

    • 30m Heavy duty extension lead
    • 15m conventional 12mm hose (must be flexible enough to wind),
    • 60m Network cable,
    • 30m Strip LED lights,
    • 15m air compressor hose,
    • 40m Coaxial cable,
    • 2x10m Tie down strap,
    • 20m snatch strap...
    • USA Customers: 50ft Zero G hose
    • Your own flat hose or strap, the maximum flattened width is 57mm, length to fit will depend on the thickness of the item. 

    This large Multi-Reel will fit nearly all commercially available extension leads. Actually we haven't yet found one that doesn't (but don't want to make false promises). 


    • 37 cm diameter
    • 44 cm including handle
    • 8 cm deep
    • 0.9 kg when empty
    • approx. 30 m power cord capacity,
    • Best stacked in pairs with any other Flat Out Multi-Reel SKU starting in M. 

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    Flat Out Fluro Velcro Stacking Strap

    Purpose built to help you secure stacked Multi-Reels when in storage. This strap also makes single hand carrying for a pair of reels easy. more

    Flat Out Multi-Reels are designed to stack in pairs like clam shells - with each winding knob fitting neatly into any petal of the partner reel. This strap wound through the center of the stack and over the bottom secures them together while in transit. 

    The same strap fits all Flat Out Multi-Reel sizes. The strap is 2.5cm wide, 65cm long loop and 10cm black hook section. The fluro orange also makes it easy to find!

    It is useful for many applications beyond Flat Out gear too. 

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    • Australian Made with 3-year warranty
    • Front to front stacking for compact storage
    • Constructed from heavy-duty impact-resistant plastics
    • Free standing or wall-mountable
    • Fast and easy to wind and release
    • Superior power lead storage and protection

    2 minute video: A light-hearted poke at situations that could benefit from a Flat Out Multi-Reel. Zoe also shows the features of a Multi-reel and how to use it.

    1 minute video: Inventor's grandson explains the Multi-Reel.

    Tangle Free solution

    Until you’ve tried it you probably won’t understand exactly how easy Flat Out Multi-Reels are to use. It takes the same amount of time to pack up a lead onto our reels as it would to wind it around your elbow but when it comes to setting back up, you will really feel the difference. You may be a pro at winding your long lead but it only takes one moment of lost concentration when getting it back out (or someone else put it away badly) and you have a tangled mess to unravel, knots to undo and so on. With a Multi-Reel you just; anchor the lead at one end, walk away holding the Multi-Reel handle and allow it to unspool, unclick your other end from the reel, plug it in and you’re done!

    Enjoy your gear lasting longer

    Multi-Reels are made tough (here in Australia too!) - The plastics are UV stabilised and impact resistant. We put every effort into making you gear that will last, and regularly meet loyal fans who tell us about the one they’ve had over 15 years that’s been well used and still going strong! 💪🏻

    But it's not just the Multi-Reel that lasts... it's also the gear stored inside it!

    Using a Multi-Reel will ensure additional lifespan of your lead - twisting that can easily happen with hand bundling of cords, cracks the inner copper wire. With a Multi-reel the cord coils around, but doesn't twist.

    The rear petals spin as your product winds in, so it will not rub or wear.

    The outer shell protects your product from other items in your toolbox while in transit.

    Safety Features

    On the safety front, Flat Out Multi-Reel is here to help.

    • - Twists that develop in poorly managed leads don't lay flat and create trip hazards. A Multi-Reel mitigates lead twisting so your cord will lay flat on the ground when released from the unit.
    • - Leads drawing high current generate heat, when coiled the heat can't escape - and your cord can melt. In severe cases this can lead to fire. As a deliberate design feature of the Flat Out Multi-Reel, you (or inexperienced staff) physically can’t use your lead until it is completely removed from the Multi-Reel as the plugs won't fit, thus mitigating the fire/damage risk.

    Save time at work = Save Money!

    For business use, the Multi-reel’s operation is so intuitive your team will not need instructions. Hand a loaded Multi-Reel to any staff member, they will figure out how to use it. This saves you time in training, and each subsequent team member ongoing time, as each time the item is used, it stays tangle free!

    Product failures such as that of an extension lead, can incur more than just replacement costs.
    Say for instance you run a food truck, you go to set up for the breakfast crowd and your lead isn't working. This can take an hour to trouble-shoot, resolve and then find another lead - this is all lost trading time at your busiest moment and can potenitally cost thousands.
    If your extension-leads are well cared for, your chances of failure and thus big losses are significantly reduced!

    Freedom to be less careful

    Multi-Reels are impact resistant. Once your lead is safely wound into the reel you can accidentally drop it, toss it into the back of the ute, bury it in the shed or slide it into that hard to reach cavity on your motorhome that wasn’t good for storing much else. It is a bit like the freedom you get when you put a drop-case on your mobile phone.

    We don’t recommend you deliberately try to destroy your reel, obviously it will stay nicer if you are kind to it, but we did have a customer tell us he accidentally drove over his, it cracked a bit but still works!


    • Trades and Contractors - Extension leads, Air hose
    • Musicians - Mic leads/guitar leads, Patch Cords
    • Mining & Industry - Strip LED lighting, Power cords
    • Mobile Audio Visual Teams - Coaxial cable, Power leads, patch leads
    • Food Vans - Extension leads, flexible hoses
    • EV users - extension lead for charger
    • Marine - washdown hose, power cords, tank filling hose (yachts)
    • RV - power leads, hoses, satellite dish cables
    • Emergency Services - extension leads

    Just for fun... (better with sound)

    Tradie gets tired of lazy apprentice - Multi-Reel to the rescue.

    Benefits of Multi-Reel

    Product video showing features of Multi-Reel.

    How to Stack

    To achieve the compact stacking you see above, reels must be stacked front to front as shown below. Align the winding knob of one reel with the petal of the other as you close them in together.

    multi-reel stacking
    multi-reel stacking
    multi-reel stacking

    How To Operate

    The winding and unwinding process is the same whether you are rolling a power lead or hose, or any other application you have for Flat Out Multi-Reel or Compact Multi-Reel.

    How To Wind Up

    1. Align front petal opening with black guides and place plug or hose end in center, laying cable through the reel and out the exit guides
    2. With grey handle in left hand, wind the knob in a clockwise direction using your right hand until entire cable is enclosed.
    3. The socket end will sit just outside the opening.

    How To Unwind

    1. Pull out some of the lead and put something on the end to keep it in place.
    2. Holding grey handle, walk away allowing the cable to naturally unspool.
    3. Always remove completely from the reel before use. Bundled power leads can get hot and fail.

    Also check out our Flat Drink Water Hoses or Flat Sullage Hoses supplied on our Reels. Feel free to contact us with any questions, we’re very happy to hear from you and help.

    Multi-Reel Capacity Guide

    This is a tricky conversation because limits on what will fit into the different Multi-Reel sizes depends on the volume of the cable, not the length. The thicker the lead, the less length will fit.

    In order to give you a guide, we have measured items fitting into the Compact Multi-Reel. The rule of thumb after that is the Multi-Reel Narrow has 1.5x capacty of the Compact, and the Original is 2x the capacity if the item in question can double/triple up on iteself vertically before expanding wider on the diameter of the spool (ie an extension lead has double the space, but not a flat hose).

    Using Multi-Reels for Extension Leads

    For Power Cords/Extension leads, every brand has a different thickness insulation. The phrases 'Heavy Duty' (10 or 15 Amp) and 'Extra Heavy Duty' (15 amp with extra thick insulation) seen on most commercially available power lead packaging do not come with standardised dimensions, even within the same brand the leads can have different insulation thicknesses.
    We have measured cable diameters and winding lengths to produce the following approximate capacity guide:

    Cable Size↓ Multi-Reel Size→ Compact Narrow Original
    Household (~8 mm) 25 m 38m any
    Heavy Duty(~9 mm) 15m 22m 30 m
    Extra Heavy Duty(~10 mm) 10 m 15m 20 m

    Original Multi-Reel
    All commercially made 30m extension leads we have tested so far, fit inside the Original Multi-Reel. For example, this is the "Tradesman Extra-heavy duty" Extension lead is the largest lead available at Total Tools, and it fits into the Original Multi-Reel without force. This means anything smaller will also fit comfortably.

    Saving Space
    If you wish to use the Compact Multi-Reel and yet have the longest possible lead to fit it, we have tested and can confirm the following leads will work for you:

    We stock the Coast to Coast 22m lead, while the Arlec Caravan lead can be found at Mitre 10. The HPM 15m lead shown is found at Bunnings. Please note, the 20m Arlec leads found at Bunnings are not the same as the Mitre 10 ones, and do not fit the Compact Multi-Reel.

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