Committed to Compact

Want to have your cake and eat it too? This setup is entirely comprised of Compact Multi-reel items (great for space if your tunnel boot is narrow) yet allows you more hose/lead length. It provides a convenient system of having short and long items to use just the right one or join both when needed. It also contains all our most popular accessories and some luxury ones such as the brass elbow for your van.

  • 15m Drink water hose
    • 10m drink water hose on Compact Multi-reel, with tap adaptor [C2E]
    • 5m drink water extension hose on Compact Multi-Reel, with joiner [C5E]
  • Silver/Charcoal filter and accessories pack
    • B.E.S.T inline water filter [P16]
    • 0.7 m filter to van connection hose  [P11]
    • Plated Brass Stop Valve [P20]
    • Tank Filling Spout [P17]
  • 12m Total sullage hose
    • 2x 6m sullage hose 25mm diameter on Compact Multi-reel [C3K]
    • 25mm Sullage joiner [S5]
  • Multi-Reels for leads
    • Compact Multi-Reel (for a 15m extension lead) - Aussie Gold  [C1A
    • Compact Multi-Reel (for Starlink cable or another lead) - Classic Grey  [C1
  • Accessories & popular brass fittings
    • Repair kit for drink water hose in case of emergencies [R6]
    • Elbow adaptor to attach your drink water hose to van brass-on-brass with downwards orientation [P8]
    • Thread converter 1/2 inch NPT to BSP used to connect your elbow adaptor to your van if if you have a female threaded outlet [P6]
    • 2x Flat Out fluro velcro stacking strap [R8]
    • FREE "Flat Out Like You Should Be" stubby holder [T10]

All good really small packages!


[SKU: K3L]

Customer reviews for Committed to Compact

The drink water gear includes 15m total hose length with the convenience of a 5m and 10m length, meaning you only get out the one you need, or use the joiner provided when you want both - super convenient! The hoses come with a dual size brass tap adaptor and a coupler for when you need both hoses joined together. 

We include a B.E.S.T. brand water filter, and short filter attachment hose that is TINY and has the same taste free quality and class of all our hoses.
You get an emergency end repair kit in case something goes awry while out bush and a premium tank filler spout. 

We've supplied a sullage The sullage total length is 9m, use your sullage on reel most of the time but we included an extension and joiner for that odd time 6m is not enough. It isn't as simple to pack up as the one on the reel but it takes up such little room it is a worthwhile addition. 

Your Compact Multi-Reel will fit up to 15m extension lead.

This bundle is designed to cover all bases yet of course you can remove any item from this bundle when you edit your cart if it doesn't suit you.